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In this article, we are going to provide you links to watch Assamese Movie Full Online for free on our website. You don’t need to go to another website to download a movie or go to YouTube. You can freely watch the below mentioned Assamese Movie freely in

In the age of the OTT platform and OTT App, streaming movies or watching movies online has become easy and cheap. We can watch movies, series, video, Live TV Channels for free or at a nominal monthly charge (Click Here to know the comparison of monthly and yearly subscription fees for OTT Apps in Assam).

There is a limited number of Assamese content in terms of movies, serial, etc in the OTT Platform. We can find some Assamese Movies on Netflix and some other OTT platforms, but they are costly to watch. So, we at Guwahati Live have curated a list to Assamese Movie Full to watch online on our website.

Top 10 Assamese Movie Full to watch online for Free

1. Village Rockstars

village rockstars

Basic Info of Village Rockstars

IMDB: 7.4Runtime:1 hr 27 min
Genre: DramaRelease Year:2018
Director: Rima DasStars: Bhanita Das, Basanti Das

Plot and Analysis of Village Rockstar

Released in 2017, Rima Das’s Village Rockstars is about a poor 10-year-old girl of a village of lower Assam who wants to start her own rock band. The girls in her village are expected to be submissive and timid but her vibrant spirit, imagination and determination stand apart. Together with the support of her single widowed mother and her gang of boys, she faces the struggles of her daily life. She fulfills her dream to be a guitarist by making a fake guitar out of thermocol and cardboard. Do she finally gets to play on a real guitar?

To point out, this movie made by one woman crew, investing her own money, working with untrained actors. Moreover, dedicating 5 years of her life harvesting in this movie is a feat people should respect. The movie is visually astonishing, shows an authentic place as well as it has great cinematography. Furthermore, the screenplay is beautiful, simple and beautifully depicts the girl’s perspective. Not to mention, the real-life actors, scenes, places, and added genuineness and conveyed convincing narratives to this movie especially. It is one of the Best Assamese Movies (Drama) of the decade(2020)

Awards won by Village Rockstars

Watch Village Rockstars Assamese Movie Full

2. Mon Jai

mon jai

Basic Info of Mon Jai

IMDB: 9.0Runtime:1 hr 27 min
Genre: DramaRelease Year: 2008
Director: Moirangthem ManiramStars: Zubeen Garg, Pabitra Margherita

Plot and Analysis of Mon Jai

Moirangthem Maniram’s maiden 2008 directorial film Mon Jai is the one of the highest rated Assamese Movie in IMDB with a rating of 9.0. The film is about the life of educated jobless youths from a small town of Assam. It captures the hopes, aspirations and frustrations of the educated jobless youths of Assam and the ruthless exposition of the dark realities of Assam in the last decade.

The film highlights the fault lines in our society and its paralyzed institutions and its effect on youth. It also highlights many issues plaguing Assam like corruption, terrorism, illegal migrant issues, etc. Mon Jai won the Best Feature Film in Assamese in 6th National Film Awards,2008.

Awards won by Mon Jai.

  • Selected for Indian Panorama 2008 in 39th International Film Festival of India 2008 in Goa 
  • Best Feature in Assamese 56th Nation Film Awards

Watch Mon Jai Assamese Movie Full

3. Bulbul Can Singh

bulbul can sing

Basic Info of Bulbul Can Sing

IMDB: 6.8Runtime:1 hr 27 min
Genre: DramaRelease Date: 2018
Director: Rima DasStars: Bhanita Das, Basanti Das

Plot and Analysis of Bulbul Can Sing

This is the 2nd Assamese Movie of Rima Das got world recognition after Village Rockstars. The story of this movie is based on a teenage girl Bulbul. She lives in a remote village of Assam and has two school going friends. This film shows how these three teenage friends find their own identities. Their ideas of life clashes with age-old rules of villages and peer pressure. It shows how Bulbul fights her way through love and loss and discovers who really she is.

Awards won by Bulbul Can Sing.

Watch Bulbul Can Singh Assamese Movie Full

4. Local Kung Fu

local kung fu

Basic Info of Local Kung Fu

IMDB: 7.4Runtime:1 hr 23 min
Genre: DramaRelease Date: 2013
Director: Rima DasStars: Bhanita Das, Basanti Das

Plot and Analysis of Local Kung Fu

Kenny Deori Basumatary’s 2013 directorial debut Local Kung Fu is dubbed first India’s First Kung Fu Film. The film is about an ordinary boy Charlie from Guwahati, who is trying to win over his Hindi-speaking girlfriend’s stern uncle.

In addition to the story of the movie, there is a gang who wants to get a license to open a liquor shop. In order to do so, they have to bribe the local excise inspector, who happens to be Charlie’s Girlfriend’s Uncle, to get a license. Moreover, in the movie, two bumbling hilarious youngsters, aspiring to be young ‘dons’ is shown. In between, there is a stolen laptop, a naked thief and some poop jokes. The film is full of quirky characters, witty lines and humorous moves along with fun-filled Kung Fu.

Awards won by Local Kung Fu

  • Nominated as the Best Assamese Film in Filmfare Awards for Eastern Region
  • India’s First Kung Fu Film

Watch Local Kung Fu Assamese Movie Full

5. Mission China

assamese movie mission china

Basic Info of Mission China

IMDB: 7.3Runtime:1 hr 30 min
Genre: DramaRelease Year: 2017
Director: Zubeen GargStars: Zubeen Garg

Plot and Analysis of Mission China

Mission China is the first Assamese Movie directed by Zubeen Garg. The movie has simple story but with a strong message. It is about a rescue mission of a child kidnapped by a group of terrorists on Indo-China border by an ex-army man. The location and songs along with good camera usage and good studio effects make the movie an awesome movie.

Awards won by Mission China

  • Won the Best Film -Popular in Prag Cine Award
  • Zubeen Garg won the Best Actor-Popular for Mission China in Prag Cine Award.

Watch Mission China Assamese Movie Full

6. Ratnakar

ratnakar assamese film

Basic Info of Ratnakar

IMDB: 7.1Runtime:1 hr 56 min
Genre: DramaRelease Year: 2019
Director: Jatin Bora Stars: Jatin Bora, Barsha Rani Bishaya

Plot and Analysis of Ratnakar

Ratnakar Assamese Film is an action romantic film directed, produced and acted by Jatin Bora. Ratnakar is the highest-grossing Assamese Movie. It also features famous Assamese actress Barsha Rani Bishya and Nishita Bora. The film also features and introduced a talented child artist Ashramika Saikia.

Ratnakar Assamese Film is Jatin Bora’s second directorial debut after Adhinayak. The film is said to be inspired by Tamil film Theri of 2016. The story of this Assamese movie is about a single father and daughter. He lives in a remote village along with his daughter to protect her from his past. This movie shows the love and adorable bond between a father and daughter.

Ratnakar was released in 59 theaters in the state and 12 outside North East. It made a revenue of around ₹9.23 crore. Undoubtedly, it became the highest grossing Assamese film for the entire North East.You can watch Rantakar Assamese Film Here.

Awards won by Ratnakar

  • All time highest grossing Assamese Movie.

Watch Ratnakar Assamese Movie Full

7. Jetuka Pator Dore

assamese movie full jetruka pator dore

Basic Info of Jetuka Pator Dore

IMDB: 8.0Runtime:1 hr 30 min
Genre: DramaRelease Date: 2011
Director: Jadumoni DuttaStars: Aimee Barua, Raag Ainitam

Plot and Analysis of Jetuka Pator Dore

Jetuka Pator Dore is one of the Nation Award winning Assamese Film. It is based on the novel written by Syed Abdul Malik of the same name. The Assamese Movie features Ainmee Baruah, Raag Ainitam and Kapil Borah as the lead actors. It was shot at Dergaon in Golaghat District and released in the year 2011.

The plot of this Assamese Movie is based on a lower caste young woman named Radha living an interior village of Assam. It shows how she stands up against corrupt practices and struggle to fight for the rights of her fellow villagers.

The Assamese Movie got many positive reviews by the critics. The performance of Aimee Barua in this Assamese Movie is considered as her best performance till date. It won many awards and accolades in national level as well as state level.

.Awards won by Jetuka Pator Dore

  • Won Best Feature Film in Assamese in  58th National Film Awards in 2010.
  • Animee Barua won the Best Actress award for this film in 2011 Prag Cine Award.
  • Raag Ainitam won the Best Actor for this film 2011 Prag Cine Award.
  • 9 Awards were won in differnt category in 2011 Prag Cine Award.

Watch Jetuka Pator Dore Assamese Movie Full

8. Fringoti

assamese movie full firingoti

Basic Info of Fringoti

IMDB: 7.7Runtime:1 hr 27 min
Genre: DramaRelease Date: 1992
Director: Jahnu Barua Stars: Bishnu Kharghoria, Moloya Goswami

Plot and Analysis of Fringoti

Fringoti is an Assamese Movie directed by Jahnu Barua . It was released in 1992. The Assamese Movie was produced by Sailandhar Baruah and written by the director himself. Bishu Kharghoria, Moloya Goswami and Hemen Choudhury was seen as the lead actors.

The story of this Assamese Movie is set in 1962 in a small village of Assam. The plot of this movie revolves around a widowed school teacher, Ritu. She rebuilds the only burnt school in the village and imparts education to the children of the village. She is confronted by a suspended teacher of the school who burn her rebuild school.

The story of the movie depicts her journey of again rebuilding the school by the help of the local inhabitants of the village. So, that the spark of knowledge is not supressed by anyone.

Awards won by Fringoti

  • Second Best Feature Film in National Film Award –
  • National Film Award – Best Actress: Moloya Goswami

Watch Fringoti Assamese Movie Full

9. Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai (The Catastrophe)

assamese movie Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai

Basic Info of Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai

IMDB: 7.7Runtime: 2 hr
Genre: DramaRelease Year: 1987
Director: Jahnu BaruaStars: Indra Bania, Badal Das

Plot and Analysis of Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai

This Assamese Movie Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai ( English Version: The Catastrophe) is a drama film directed and written by Jahnu Barua. It was released in 1987. The Movie had Indra Bania, Badal Das and Purnima Pathak as the lead actors.

The plot this Assamese Movie is based on the life story of simple farmer, Bora who becomes victim of a greedy landowner. It shows the painful story of Bora, how he loses his land and livestock and is forced to send his on to work for the landlord.

The Assamese Movie won many Internation Awards at various film festivals. It also won the National Film Award for best film in 1988.

Awards won by Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai

  • Won the Best Feature Film in Nation Film Awards in 1988
  • Purnima Pathak won the best Actor in Amiens International Film Festival (1988)
  • The Assamese won Golden Leopard, Silver and Bronze Leopard for various category in Locarno International Film Festival (1988).

Watch Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai Assamese Movie Full

10. Aparoopa

assamese movie full aparoopa

Basic Info of Aparoopa

IMDB: 5.2Runtime: 2 hr
Genre: DramaRelease Year: 1982
Director: Jahnu BaruaStars: Biku Phukan, Suhasini Mulay

Plot and Analysis of Aparoopa

This was the first full-feature Assamese Movie to be directed by Jahnu Barua in 1982. He was the producer, writer and editor of this film too. It stars Biju Phukan, Suhasini Mulay, Sushil Goswami and Girish Karnad in lead roles.

The plot of this Assamese Movie is based on the consequences of love affairs on a poor woman and an upper-class woman. Radha, the poor woman is considered to have a low character by the villagers because she is a part of theater group. She lones to get married to a nice man in order to get rid of emotional violence. On other hand Aparoopa, the upper class women is married to a rich planter who has not time for her.

The consequences of these inequalities play out in the lives of Aparoopa and Radha—one chooses death. The other takes advantage of her husband’s absence and fulfill her desire for love from her ex-lover.

Awards won by Aparoopa

  • National Film Award – Best Regional Film (1983)

Watch Aparoopa Assamese Movie Full

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