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What we do at Guwahati Live?

 We at , Guwahati Live ,analyze, decode and present you the simplified version of the important topics on Education, Job, Events & Culture of Assam and trending topics on Guwahati and Assam.

Guwahati Live will be providing detailed analyzed and simplified topics on Education, Job and Events of Assam. We will also provide information on Guwahati & Assam and Trending Topics on Culture (Entertainment, Tech, Food, Dress, Environment and much more) revolving around Guwahati and Assam. As well as information important & significant to India.

We will not be providing News, articles on Sensitive Government Data, make political statement, etc. This is a blog to provide facts and articles that might be helpful the people.

Guwahati Live Meaning

Where does the name
Guwahati Live
come from ?


The definition of Live according to Merriam Webster Dictionary is

To have a life rich in experience

Guwahati is the largest city of North East India and the Gateway of North East India.

We have fused Guwahati with the meaning of Live.

Guwahati – a city to have a life rich in experience.

Guwahati Live Founder & CEO

Ziaul Hoque

 CEO & Founder, Guwahati Live

Guwahati Live is then founded by Ziaul Hoque in 2019.

He has been in data related field since 2011and working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

Since launching Guwahati Live, Ziaul hopes to put his knowledge and expertise in this blog that might bring you and the world closer to Guwahati and Assam.