Jetuka Pator Dore Full Movie (2011)

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Basic Info of Jetuka Pator Dore

IMDB: 7.3Runtime:1 hr 30 min
Genre: DramaRelease Date:2011
Director: Jadumoni DuttaStars: Aimee Barua, Raag Ainitam

Plot and Analysis of Jetuka Pator Dore

Jetuka Pator Dore is one of the Nation Award winning Assamese Film. It is based on the novel written by Syed Abdul Malik of the same name. The Assamese Movie features Ainmee Baruah, Raag Ainitam and Kapil Borah as the lead actors. It was shot at Dergaon in Golaghat District and released in the year 2011.

The plot of this Assamese Movie is based on a lower caste young woman named Radha living an interior village of Assam. It shows how she stands up against corrupt practices and struggle to fight for the rights of her fellow villagers.

The Assamese Movie got many positive reviews by the critics. The performance of Aimee Barua in this Assamese Movie is considered as her best performance till date. It won many awards and accolades in national level as well as state level.

.Awards won by Jetuka Pator Dore

  • Won Best Feature Film in Assamese in  58th National Film Awards in 2010.
  • Animee Barua won the Best Actress award for this film in 2011 Prag Cine Award.
  • Raag Ainitam won the Best Actor for this film 2011 Prag Cine Award.
  • 9 Awards were won in differnt category in 2011 Prag Cine Award.

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