Best Assamese Movies of the Decade (2020)

In this post, we at Guwahati Live have curated a list of the Best Assamese Movies of the Decade (2020) to watch online. We will list some world-class Assamese Movies like Aamis, Village Rockstars, Kothanadi, Bulbul Can Sing, etc and provide links to watch online.

Movies are the reflection of one’s thoughts on his or her surroundings. Movies not only entertain us but also have the power to educate and transform the masses. As a matter of fact, it provides a respite, a window for a better time to come. Moreover, it is a way to escape and comfort our pain.

Especially, with a lot of OTT platforms and Streaming Services at our disposal and thousands of content, it is difficult for us to choose which is best and specifically suits our taste.

I have been watching a lot of movies other than Hollywood movies, ranging from Best Korean Movies to Bollywood, Best South Indian Movies to Assamese Movies. With hundreds of films at your disposal, it can be hard to pick the right film.

Well, there no need to look further as we have picked the Best Assamese Movies of the Decade (2020). We have also provided full link to The Top 10 Best Assamese Movies. Some of these Assamese Movies you have to watch in paid OTT Apps like Netflix and Moviesaints and most of them are free to watch in our site.

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1. Aamis (Ravening, 2019)

aamis movie

Basic Info of Aamis

IMDB: 8.2 Runtime:1 hr 47 min
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, HorrorU/A
Director: Bhaskar Hazarika Stars:Lima Das, Arghadeep Baruah

“Greed is Eternal”.

Released in 2019, Bhaskar Hazarika’s Aamis (International Title: Ravening), is a chilling tale of two ordinary people whole bumps into one another leading to a relation. This movie deals with the greed of love for food- specifically, meat. The relation starts as a sweet attraction and an innocent bond over the love of food. However, it turns into a dangerous and spine-chilling addiction of bizarre kind. Aamis is based on Greed for love of food and one of the Best Assamese Movies of the decade (2020), I have watched.

Why you should watch Aamis ?

You may watch many movies ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood, Korean to South Indian but in Aamis there is a big hidden gem a big film expert can’t guess. You can watch Aamis as a romantic movie but the hidden message behind the movie will leave your mystery and suspense world breathless and will frighten you for a lifetime too.

Watch Aamis online on Moviesaints from the link below.

2. Village Rockstars (2017)

village rockstars

Basic Info of Village Rockstars

IMDB: 7.3 Runtime:1 hr 27 min
Genre: DramaU
Director: Rima Das Stars: Bhanita Das, Basanti Das

“No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

Released in 2017, Rima Das’s Village Rockstars is about a poor 10-year-old girl of a village of lower Assam who wants to start her own rock band. The girls in her village are expected to be submissive and timid but her vibrant spirit, imagination and determination stand apart. Together with the support of her single widowed mother and her gang of boys, she faces the struggles of her daily life. She fulfills her dream to be a guitarist by making a fake guitar out of thermocol and cardboard. Do she finally gets to play on a real guitar?

Why you should watch Village Rockstars ?

To point out, this movie made by one woman crew, investing her own money, working with untrained actors. Moreover, dedicating 5 years of her life harvesting in this movie is a feat people should respect. The movie is visually astonishing, shows an authentic place as well as it has great cinematography. Furthermore, the screenplay is beautiful, simple and beautifully depicts the girl’s perspective. Not to mention, the real-life actors, scenes, places, and added genuineness and conveyed convincing narratives to this movie especially. It is one of the Best Assamese Movies (Drama) of the decade(2020)

Watch Village Rockstars online on Moviesaints from the link below.

3. Kothanodi (The River of Fables, 2015)


Basic Info of Kothanadi

IMDB: 7.4 Runtime:2 hr
Genre: FantasyU
Director: Bhaskar Hazarika Stars: Seema Biswas, Adil Hussain

“God could not be Everywhere, and therefore he made Mothers”

Released in 2017, Bhaskar Hazarika’s directorial debut Kothanadi (The River of Fables) is based on four famous folk tales of Assam that is entwined as a narrative about four mothers who kill their daughters in a variety of unbelievable ways. The writer of the movie is also Bhaskar Hazarika who took the stories of Tejimola, Champawati, Ou Kuwori — The Outenga (elephant apple) Maiden and Tawoir Xadhu (The Story of Tawoi) and formed as a single story.

Why you should watch Kothanadi (The River of Fables)?

In the movie, Assamese culture is portrayed well. Firstly, wearing of mekhela-sador in original and conservative style is shown. Secondly, the tradition of extending betel nut and leaf for an invitation to marriage is shown. Moreover, the smearing of cow dung in an old thatched house to give a fine finishing to the floor is well portrayed. Undoubtedly, the narration of the story is beautiful coupled with a good sound score. Moreover, the manner the story is told is powerful and splendid. To sum up, the movie is one of its kind and one of the Best Assamese Movies (Fantasy) of the decade (2020), I have watched.

Watch Kothanadi online on Moviesaints from the link below.

4. Mon Jai (2008)

mon jai

Basic Info of Mon Jai

IMDB: 9.0 Runtime:2 hr 58 min
Genre: DramaU/A
Director: Moirangthem Maniram Stars: Zubeen Garg, Pabitra Margherita

“Youth comes but once in lifetime”

Moirangthem Maniram’s maiden 2008 directorial film Mon Jai is the one of the highest rated Assamese Movie in IMDB with a rating of 9.0. The film is about the life of educated jobless youths from a small town of Assam. It captures the hopes, aspirations and frustrations of the educated jobless youths of Assam and the ruthless exposition of the dark realities of Assam in the last decade.

Why you should watch Mon Jai ?

The film highlights the fault lines in our society and its paralyzed institutions and its effect on youth. It also highlights many issues plaguing Assam like corruption, terrorism, illegal migrant issues, etc. Mon Jai won the Best Feature Film in Assamese in 6th National Film Awards,2008.

Watch Mon Jai online free from the link below.

5. Local Kung Fu (2013)

local kung fu

Basic Info of Local Kung Fu

IMDB: 7.4 Runtime:1 hr 38 min
Genre: Action, ComedyU/A
Director: Kenny Basumatary Stars: Kenny Basumatary, Sangeeta Nair

“If you want the victory, be prepared for the fight”

Kenny Deori Basumatary’s 2013 directorial debut Local Kung Fu is dubbed first India’s First Kung Fu Film. The film is about an ordinary boy Charlie from Guwahati, who is trying to win over his Hindi-speaking girlfriend’s stern uncle. In addition to the story of the movie, there is a gang who wants to get a license to open a liquor shop. In order to do so, they have to bribe the local excise inspector, who happens to be Charlie’s Girlfriend’s Uncle, to get a license.

Moreover, in the movie, two bumbling hilarious youngsters, aspiring to be young ‘dons’ is shown. In between, there is a stolen laptop, a naked thief and some poop jokes. The film is full of quirky characters, witty lines and humorous moves along with fun-filled Kung Fu.

Why you should watch Local Kung Fu ?

Kenny Basumatary opens up an entirely new genre to the film industry of Assam with his comedy action movie. You can watch this film over and over again and still, you will enjoy each time. Although the movie could not do well in the box office, it is a hit among the people of Assam. Local Kung Fu is one of the Best Assamese Movies (Comedy) of the decade (2020).

Watch Local Kung Fu online free from the link below.

6. Ratnakar (2019)

ratnakar assamese film

Basic Info of Ratnakar

IMDB: 7.1Runtime:1 hr 56 min
Genre: DramaRelease Year: 2019
Director: Jatin Bora Stars: Jatin Bora, Barsha Rani Bishaya

Ratnakar Assamese Movie is an action romantic film directed, produced and acted by Jatin Bora. Ratnakar is the highest-grossing Assamese Movie. It also features famous Assamese actress Barsha Rani Bishya and Nishita Bora. The film also features and introduced a talented child artist Ashramika Saikia.

Ratnakar Assamese Film is Jatin Bora’s second directorial debut after Adhinayak. The film is said to be inspired by Tamil film Theri of 2016. The story of this Assamese movie is about a single father and daughter. He lives in a remote village along with his daughter to protect her from his past. This movie shows the love and adorable bond between a father and daughter.

Why you should watch Ratnakar ?

This plot of Assamese movie is simple but a torchbearer for forthcoming Assamese Movie. This movie has given a symbol or a sign to revive Jollywood (Assamese Film Industry).

The chemistry between the Child Artist, Ashramika Saikia and the lead actor, Jation Bora is something to see in this film. The acting of Jatin Bora and Barasha Rani has set new benchmarks for Jollywood.

Ratnakar was released in 59 theaters in the state and 12 outside North East. It made a revenue of around ₹9.23 crore. Undoubtedly, it became the highest grossing Assamese film for the entire North East.You can watch Rantakar Assamese Film Here.

Watch Ratnakar Assamese Movie Full free from the link below

7. Bulbul Can Sing (2018)

bulbul can sing

Basic Info of Bulbul Can Sing

IMDB: 6.7
Runtime: 1 hr 35 min
Genre: Drama U
Director: Rima Das Stars: Pakija Begam, Arnali Das

This is the 2nd Assamese Movie of Rima Das got world recognition after Village Rockstars. The story of this movie is based on a teenage girl Bulbul. She lives in a remote village of Assam and has two school going friends. This film shows how these three teenage friends find their own identities. Their ideas of life clashes with age-old rules of villages and peer pressure. It shows how Bulbul fights her way through love and loss and discovers who really she is.

Why you should watch Bulbul can sing

It is one of the Assamese Movie directed and written by Rima Das. She is famous for her Movie Village Rockstars, which was the India’s official entry to the Oscars, 2018 in the Best Foreign Language Film Category.

This Assamese Movie has a beautiful story portraying the life of three teenage students trying their best to find the meaning of their simple but different lives. It has simple but deep message on our society that has certain moral codes and stereotypes us which can destroy our innocence while growing up as teenager.

Bulbul Can Sing has won many awards. Firstly, it won the Best Feature Film in Assamese in the 66th National Film Awards. Secondly, it won the Best Performance – Asian Feature Film in 29th Singapore International Film Festival. Thirdly, Rima Das won the Best Director Award in the 2019 Dublin International Film Festival. Finally, it won the Best Indie Film in 2019 Indian Film Festival of Melbourne

Watch Bulbul Can Sing (2018) online free from the link below.

8. Baandhon (2012) (Wave of Silence)


Basic Info of Baandhon

IMDB: 8.2 Runtime: 1 hr 50 min
Genre: Drama U/A
Director: Jahnu Barua Stars: Bishnu Kharghoria, Bina Potongia

Baandhoon (English: Waves of Silence) is one of the best Assamese Movies directed by Jahnu Barua. It has experienced star casts such as Bishnu Kharghoria, Bina Potongia, Jatin Bora, etc.

The plot of this Assamese Movie is focussed on two elderly couple living in the outskirts of Guwahati. They occasionally fight over petty issue and that leads to filing for divorce. The climax second part of the movie shifts to Mumbai where they go in search of their only living heir, their grandson, who is missing in 26/11 2008 terror attack.

Why you should watch Baandhon?

It is one the best movie given to us by Jahnu Barua in terms of direction and writer. Jahnu Barua a multiple national and international award-winning Indian film director from Assam.

The Visualization of this Assamese Movie is so realistic and practical. The acting of Bishnu Khargharia as grandfather is stunning.

This Assamese Movie won the 60th National Film Awards for Best Feature in Assamese. This movie also was awarded the best film in the Indian Films Competition held at the Bengaluru International Film Festival in the year 2012.

Watch Baandhon (2012) online free from link below

9. Suspended Inspector Boro (2018)

suspended inspector boro

Basic Info of Suspended Inspector Boro

IMDB: 7.5
Runtime: 1 hr 40 min
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller U
Director: Kenny Basumatary Stars: Kenny Basumatary,Suneet Bora

Watch Suspended Inspector Boro (2018) online on Moviesaints from the link below.

10. Maj Rati Keteki (2017)

maj ratir ketiki

Basic Info of Maj Rati Keteki

IMDB: 7.1
Runtime: 1 hr 31 min
Genre: Action, Comedy U/A
Director: Utpal Borpujari Stars:

Watch Maj Rati Keteki (2017) online on Netflix the link below.

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