Aparoopa Full Movie (1982)

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Basic Info of Aparoopa

IMDB: 7.3Runtime: 2 hr
Genre: DramaRelease Year: 1982
Director: Jahnu BaruaStars: Biku Phukan, Suhasini Mulay

Plot and Analysis of Aparoopa

This was the first full-feature Assamese Movie to be directed by Jahnu Barua in 1982. He was the producer, writer and editor of this film too. It stars Biju Phukan, Suhasini Mulay, Sushil Goswami and Girish Karnad in lead roles.

The plot of this Assamese Movie is based on the consequences of love affairs on a poor woman and an upper-class woman. Radha, the poor woman is considered to have a low character by the villagers because she is a part of a theater group. She lones to get married to a nice man in order to get rid of emotional violence. On the other hand , Aparoopa, the upper-class woman is married to a rich tea planter who has not time for her.

The consequences of these inequalities play out in the lives of Aparoopa and Radha—one chooses death. The other takes advantage of her husband’s absence and fulfill her desire for love from her ex-lover.

Awards won by Aparoopa

  • National Film Award – Best Regional Film (1983)

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