Ratnakar Full Movie (2019)

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Basic Info of Ratnakar

IMDB: 7.1Runtime:1 hr 56 min
Genre: DramaRelease Year: 2019
Director: Jatin BoraStars: Jatin Bora, Barsha Rani Bishaya

Plot and Analysis of Ratnakar

Ratnakar Assamese Film is an action romantic film directed, produced and acted by Jatin Bora. Ratnakar is the highest-grossing Assamese Movie. It also features famous Assamese actress Barsha Rani Bishya and Nishita Bora. The film also features and introduced a talented child artist Ashramika Saikia.

Ratnakar Assamese Film is Jatin Bora’s second directorial debut after Adhinayak. The film is said to be inspired by Tamil film Theri of 2016. The story of this Assamese movie is about a single father and daughter. He lives in a remote village along with his daughter to protect her from his past. This movie shows the love and adorable bond between a father and daughter.

Ratnakar was released in 59 theaters in the state and 12 outside North East. It made a revenue of around ₹9.23 crore. Undoubtedly, it became the highest grossing Assamese film for the entire North East.You can watch Rantakar Assamese Film Here.

Awards won by Ratnakar

  • All time highest grossing Assamese Movie.

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