Local Kung Fu Full Movie (2013)

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Basic Info of Local Kung Fu

IMDB: 7.3Runtime:1 hr 23 min
Genre: DramaRelease Date: 2013
Director: Rima DasStars: Bhanita Das, Basanti Das

Plot and Analysis of Local Kung Fu

Kenny Deori Basumatary’s 2013 directorial debut Local Kung Fu is dubbed first India’s First Kung Fu Film. The film is about an ordinary boy Charlie from Guwahati, who is trying to win over his Hindi-speaking girlfriend’s stern uncle.

In addition to the story of the movie, there is a gang who wants to get a license to open a liquor shop. In order to do so, they have to bribe the local excise inspector, who happens to be Charlie’s Girlfriend’s Uncle, to get a license. Moreover, in the movie, two bumbling hilarious youngsters, aspiring to be young ‘dons’ is shown. In between, there is a stolen laptop, a naked thief and some poop jokes. The film is full of quirky characters, witty lines and humorous moves along with fun-filled Kung Fu.

Awards won by Local Kung Fu

  • Nominated as the Best Assamese Film in Filmfare Awards for Eastern Region
  • India’s First Kung Fu Film

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