Jio Fiber in Guwahati : All-in-one Guide to get Jio Fiber(2024)

Getting a stable and high speed broadband connection in Guwahati was the most difficult task. Guwahati already had some broadband service providers before Jio Fiber came. But their speed and stability was not upto mark. Thanks to Jio Fiber, all our prayers were heard. Jio Fiber was launched around August of 2019 in Guwahati. 

In this post, we will provide an all-in-one guide for installing Jio Fiber in Guwahati for 2020. First, we will provide the basic features, Jio Fiber Plans in Guwahati and actual monthly charges. Then we will list areas where Jio Fiber is available in Guwahati. Further, we will provide you a guide on how to apply for Jio Fiber in Guwahati and documents needed. Finally, we will provide installation charges, security deposit and actual speed you get from Jio Fiber in Guwahati.

Basic Info of Jio Fiber in  Guwahati

Users in Guwahati: ~10,000Min Monthly Charges: ₹470.82
Min Download Speed : 100 Mbps   Min Upload Speed :10 Mbps
Min Monthly Data Limit: 100 GBLaunch Date: August, 2019.
Twitter Followers: 6 lakhsFacebook Fans: 24 lakhs

Jio Fiber in Guwahati offers ultra high speed internet ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gpbs. Compared to other broad connections in Guwahati, Jio  Fiber uses FTTH (Fiber to the Home) single wire optical fiber latest technology.

Besides the above, it provides additional facilities like TV Streaming, OTT Apps, Gaming etc. ,In other words, it offers an all-in-one broadband experience to surf the internet, stream video, game and work.

Features of Jio Fiber

High Speed Internet

Jio Fiber is providing internet speed up to 1Gbps for the first timer in Guwahati as well as all over India. You will get seamless and reliable fast internet across every corner of your home.

This ultra fast internet connection allows you to stream 4K TV Content, OTT Platform and OTT App streaming in HD Quality.

Separate Wi-Fi ID for guests

You can also set up a separate WiFi ID for your guests. They will be able to use your Wi-Fi using a different login and password. Basically, by this technique you don’t have to share your WiFi password with your guests.

WiFi Mesh Service.

wifi mesh technology

Jio provides innovative technology for seamless internet connections using your WiFi. This technology ensures you get the same internet speed while using WiFi in every room of your house.

Jio Wifi Mesh will keep you and all your family members connected to your Wifi Router from every corner of your room. For example, you will be able to do many activities like stream 4K content, play games, surf net etc, without any reduction of internet speed and quality.

Free HD Voice

Jio Fiber lets you connect your landline and smartphone to existing phone reception. This basically let you use your smartphone and landline as an intercom.

Jio provides a JioCall app to do voice calling from your home using Jio Fiber Internet. It provides the first ever HD (high definition) home calling service. The quality of  voice calls is crystal clear.

Home Networking

Jio Fiber in Guwahati provides the facility of home networking. It allows you to share and access all your contents spread over different devices in one place. You can access all your contents (photos, videos and documents) anytime and anywhere in the world.

Jio Fiber makes Home Networking possible through JioHome app. You have to connect your hard drive to Jio Home Gateway or Jio STB (Set Top Box). Moreover, you can synchronize your personal photos on the Photo app to watch it on TV.

Further, you can share and synchronize your music easily across all your devices. All the people or family members connected to your Jio Fiber can play the music through the Jio Home app.

Security & Surveillance

Security is one of the most important things in this digital world. To this you have to protect your devices and make home surveillance possible. Jio Fiber takes care of your family’s security at one go.

Jio provides 4 types of CCTV(Closed Circuit Television). To list, they are common-area cameras, Indoor security cameras ,Door cameras and Baby Monitoring cameras. It uploads all the CCTV footage into Jio Cloud using Jio Fiber ultra speed internet connectivity.

Further, Jio Fiber provides Norton Security Antivirus to protect all your devices. You can install the antivirus in 5 devices with a single license. All the plans includes Norton Security Antivirus.


This is the most sought feature of Jio Fiber by everyone. Jio provides its own multi-player online gaming platform for online gaming. It promises zero-latency and lag free gaming experience with its ultra high speed internet .

Jio Set Top Box supports all the popular gaming controllers. You can also use your smartphone as a gaming controller . VR (Virtual Reality) and Mixed reality based gaming is provided which will redefine your gaming experience. Diamond plans onwards include VR.

TV Plus

Jio Fiber is the first ever integrated platform in Guwahati. Because it has OTT Apps and OTT Platform integrated in it. It has some popular apps like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, Zee5 and many more.

Jio Fiber provides 4K Set Top Box along with its ultra high internet connectivity. The JioTV+ app makes it possible to integrate OTT Apps. Basically, JioTV+ app is a content aggregator that combine OTT Platform, TV Channels and other apps related to video into Jio’s Set TV Box.

TV Video Calling

Besides Internet connectivity, Jio Fiber provides TV Calling and conferencing too. You can make Free video and conference calls to anyone, anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can make international video calls straight from your TV using Jio Fiber.

Jio Fiber also provides a webcam called JioTV Camera to make high quality video calls. TV Video calling can be done by JioCall app. All the plans includes Video calling.

Premium Content

Besides OTT Apps, Jio Fiber also offers First Day, First Show features. This feature is available onwards  from Diamond Plan. Jio will release a new film directly on its platform. So, you watch the film without going to the theatre.

Jio Fiber Plans in Guwahati

Jio Fiber in Guwahati will provide you Home Gateway and Set Top Box Free with all its plans. You also get Voice calling and TV Video calling in all its plans. Further, you get Norton Antivirus for 5 devices worth ₹999/year for free.

In addition to the above, you get free devices ranging from Bluetooth speakers to 4K TV. But, you have to pay annually for your Jio Fiber plans in Guwahati.

30 Mbps₹399 ₹1197₹2394₹4788
100 Mbps₹699 ₹2097₹4194₹8388
150 Mbps₹999 ₹2997₹5994₹11,988
300 Mbps₹1499 ₹4497₹8994₹17,988
500 Mbps₹2499 ₹7497₹14994₹29,988
1 Gbps₹3999 &
₹11,997 &
₹23,994 &
₹47,998 &
All Plans is excluding GST

Comparison of Jio Fiber Plans in Guwahati

Features30 Mbps100 Mbps150 Mbps300 Mbps500 Mbps1 Gbps
Price (GST not included)₹399/month₹669/month₹999/month₹1499/month₹2499/month₹3999/month
Speed30 Mbps100 Mbps150 Mbps300 Mbps500 Mbps1 Gbps
Data Limit150 GB250 GB600 GB1250 GB2750 GB5000 GB
Annual Plan Data Benefit50 GB100 GB200GB500 GB1250 GB2500 GB
VR ExperienceNoNoNoNoYesYes
Premium ContentNoNoNoNoYesYes
OTT Apps₹ 399 BASE PLAN + 6 OTT APPS FOR ₹ 100 & 
14 OTT APPS FOR ₹ 200 

₹ 699 BASE PLAN + 6 OTT APPS FOR ₹ 100 & 
14 OTT APPS FOR ₹ 200 
Free Device ProvidedJio Home Gateway
4K Set Top Box
Jio Home Gateway
4K Set Top Box
Muse 2 -6W Bluetooth Speakers
Jio Home Gateway
4K Set Top Box
Thump 2-12W Blutooth Speaker
Jio Home Gateway
4K Set Top Box
60'' HD TV
Jio Home Gateway
4K Set Top Box
60'' HD TV
Jio Home Gateway
4K Set Top Box
80'' HD TV

Breakup of Actual Charge in installing Jio Fiber

PlansSecurity Money (refundable)Installation MoneyMonthly ChargesGST on Monthly chargesTotal
30 Mbps₹1500₹1000₹399₹71.82₹470.82
100 Mbps₹1500₹1000₹699₹125.82₹3324.82
150 Mbps₹1500₹1000₹999 ₹179.82₹3678.82
300 Mbps₹1500₹1000₹1499₹₹269.82₹4268.82
500 Mbps₹1500₹1000₹2499₹449.82₹5448.82
1 Gbps₹1500₹1000₹3999₹719.82₹7218.82
1 Gbps (6600 GB limit)₹1500₹1000₹8499₹1529.82₹12528.82

Areas where Jio Fiber is available Guwahati

Jio Fiber is available in the below listed parts of Guwahati. Since, Jio Fiber is not available in all parts of Guwahati and Assam. You can use Portable Hotspot of JioJioFi. It will cost less than you buy from local store.

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List of Areas where Jio Fiber is available Guwahati

Fancy Bazar
Uzan Bazar
Lachit Nagar
South Sarania
Tarun Nagar
Anil Nagar
Navin Nagar
Vip Road
Zoo Tiniali
Saurabh Nagar
Krishna Nagar
Jaya Nagar
Six Mile
Radha Nagar

How to apply for Jio Fiber in Guwahati.

how to apply for jio fiber in guwhati

If you are from Guwahati or from other parts of Assam, you have 3 options to apply for Jio Fiber. To list, they are

Using MyJio App

This is the easiest way to get Jio Fiber in Guwahati. Basically, you have to launch the MyJio App and go to Menu (three horizontal lines) and click Get JioFiber option. It is the first option on the menu.

Then you have to provide your location in it. Ypu can do this in two ways.

  • Manually (Add Manually option)
  • Using GPS location  (Use my current location)

Add Manually is a better option than use my current location. Because the latter option gives wrong location sometimes.

Fill up a form with your address. You must provide Pincode, Sate, City and your address.

In Jio Websites

Besides, using Jio App you can directly register for the Jio Fiber on the Jio Website. First you have to provide your name and Mobile Number to receive OTP. After entering the OTP received, it will ask you to enter  Pin code, Sate, City and your address.

Direct Call

You can also call directly in 1800 103 8877 to get Jio Fiber connection in your home or office. But the line is open from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM on working days.

The above mentioned options of applying for Jio Fiber takes a long time in Guwahati. Because the application at first goes to Mumbai, gets sorted and then sent to Guwahati. So, if you want a quick connection, call directly to the Jio Fiber person or engineers in Guwahati. You can get their numbers from any of your friends who have installed Jio Fiber connection.

Documents needed for Jio Fiber connection in Guwahati

All the processes of documentation, registration and processing for Jio Fiber in Guwahati is digital. No manual paperwork is done. But it requires you to do the following 3 things.

  • Produce original Aadhar card or
  • Original Proof of Address like Voter ID, Passport, etc  and Proof of Identity like PAN Card, Office ID, etc
  • You have to be present so they can take your live passport photos.

Security Deposit and Installation Charges of Jio Fiber Guwahati

Jio Fiber in Guwahati takes one time payment of ₹2,500 as security deposit and Installation charges. The breakup is given below.

  • Security Deposit – ₹ 1500 (Refundable)
  • Installation Charges – ₹ 1000

If you wish to terminate using Jio Fiber, you will get only ₹1,500. But you have to handover all the devices and accessories Jio Fiber provides you while installation.

It is to note that, if you are a testing customer, i.e. took Jio Fiber before launch of Jio Fiber for the public. You will get ₹2,500 refunded.

The detailed installation charges and refund money of Jio Fiber Connection as on 2024.

Amount for Jio Fiber New ConnectionActual Money to be Refunded (if returned within 1 month of Installation)Actual Money to be Refunded (if returned after 1 month of Installation)
₹ 1500 (only modem)₹ 1500₹ 500
₹ 2500 (both modem and set top box)₹ 2500₹ 1500

Actual Monthly Charges of Jio Fiber in Guwahati.

PlansMonthly ChargesGSTActual Monthly Charges
30 Mbps₹399₹71.82₹470.82
100 Mbps₹699₹125.82₹824.82
150 Mbps₹999₹179.82₹1178.82
300 Mbps₹1,499₹269.82₹1768.82
500 Mbps₹2,499₹449.82₹2,948.82
1 Gbps₹3,999₹719.82₹4,718.82

Devices and Accessories provided while installing Jio Fiber

Generally, Jio Fiber in Guwahati provides 2 free devices to all its customers on basis of 2 plans they choose . To list they are,

  • Router
  • Set Top Box (STB)
Only RouterBoth Router and Set top Box
₹ 1500 Installation charges (refundable)₹ 2500 Installation charges (refundable)
One Month Free 150 Mbps, Unlimited DataOne Month Free 150 Mbps, Unlimited Data
jio fiber wifi router

Jio Router (in built Wi-Fi)

Inside the box of Jio Router

  • Jio Router (Sleek design and blue colour)
  • Router Power Adapter
  • Lan Cable
  • User Manual

Connectivity Options in Jio Router

  • 5 ethernet port
  • 1 USB port

Jio Set Top Box(STB)

jio set top box

Inside the box of Jio Set Top Box

  • Jio Hybrid Set Top Box – makes your non-smart TV to smart TV.
  • Smart Remote – Voice Enabled.
  • Set Top Box Power Adapter
  • User Manual

Connectivity Options in Jio Set Top Box

  • Ethernet port
  • HDMI port
  • One  3.0 USB  port
  • One 2.0 USB port

Long Term Recharge Welcome Offer 

Jio Fiber in Guwahati will give you a new electronic device if you recharge for 12 months at a time. To list, things it provides are.

PlansFree Electronic Devices
(if the recharge is done for12 months)
BronzeNo free device offered by Jio till Now
SilverMuse 2- 6W Bluetooth speakers
GoldThump2 – 12W Bluetooth speakers
Diamond24’’ HD TV
Diamond+24’’ HD TV
Platinum32’’ HD TV
Titanium43’’ 4K TV

Speed of Jio Fiber in Guwahati

Jio Fiber in Guwahati promised to speed up to 100 Mbps for the base package. And the speed can rise to 1Gpbs in Platinum and Titanium Plans. There is no mention of upload speed anywhere on their official website.

Actual Download Speed and Upload Speed of Jio Fiber in Guwahati

But we in Guwahati Live do deep analysis and provide you detailed analyzed content. So, we took reviews  from many Jio Fiber users in Guwahati. The real download and upload it provides speed is given below.

PlansActual Download SpeedActual Upload Speed
Bronze20+ Mbps2+ Mbps
Silver75+ Mbps5+ Mbps
Gold100+ Mbps8+ Mbps
Diamond190+ Mbps15+ Mbps
Diamond+360+ Mbps25+ Mbps
Platinum750+ Mbps50+ Mbps
Titanium750+ Mbps50+ Mbps

If you are getting less than the above mentioned upload and download speed, call customer care.

How to Recharge Jio Fiber in Guwahati?

You can recharge Jio Fiber in Guwahati in 3 ways. To list, they are.

Customer Support of Jio Fiber in Guwahati

Jio fiber customer support

Jio Fiber provides 6 types of customer support in Guwahati. To list, they are.

  • Self Help – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Direct Phone Call – 1800-88-99999 / 1860-893-3333
  • Live Chat ( Website and MyJio App)
  • Email
  • How To Videos
  • Appellate Authority

In case you’re not satisfied with the above resolution, you can appeal to the Appellate Authority of Jio Fiber in Guwahati. The contact details is given below.

Mr. Ritwick Chakraborty
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, 
Reliance Corporate IT Park Ltd., 
1st Floor, Bijay Crescent, 
Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev Path (G.S.Road), 
Rukiminigaon, Guwahati – 781022, Assam.
Email – [email protected]
Contact No -18008893999

Precaution of using Jio Fiber

  • Watching  live TV and OTT content uses data from Jio Fiber Data Limit. So, you should  wisely use the Set Top Box.
  • Jio Router uses electricity. So, you have to provide uninterrupted power from UPS. Otherwise, your net will get disconnected while the power goes off. It is basically a problem in Live Streaming.
  • You have to put the Router in the center of your house to get the best signal and highest speed across your devices.

Future Troubleshooting of Jio Fiber

If you are facing any problem with your Jio Fiber in Guwahati, you can use any type of customer support. The problem might be download and upload speed, connectivity problem, device problem, etc.

The customer care will rise and ticket and after 1-2 days technical persons will come and solve your problems. All the troubleshooting problems are FREE for Jio Fiber for any location. You don’t have to pay a single penny.

Pros of Jio Fiber

  • It provides all in one pack apart from broadband connection.
  • Provides FTTH i.e. Fiber directly to your home.
  • Provides 4K Set Top Box  to view 4K video content.
  • Free Voice call, Video call and Fixed Telephone facility.

Cons of Jio Fiber

  • Recharges are expensive. The base plan is ₹824.82 (₹699 + 18% GST). But the features it provides are worth the money.
  • Can’t use the plan outside home.
  • Jio Fiber consumes more power and has higher maintenance and repair cost.

Is Jio Air Fiber available in Guwahati?<div jsname="Q8Kwad" class="aj35ze" style="background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,<svg focusable=\"false\" xmlns=\"\" viewBox=\"0 0 24 24\"><path fill=\"%2370757a\" d=\"M16.59 8.59L12 13.17 7.41 8.59 6 10l6 6 6-6z\"></path>

Yes, Jio Fiber is available in Guwahati from 2019

How do I contact Jio fiber in my area?

You can contact Jio Fiber in your area through My Jio App of Jo Website

Is Jio fiber 399 plan unlimited?

Yes, Jio Fiber 399 is unlimited but commercial usage policy is applicable on this plan and all other unlimited plans. It means you can use upto 3300 GB per month.

Final Verdict

To sum up, Jio Fiber in Guwahati is the fastest broadband service provider. We have covered everything on Jio Fiber in Guwahati. Like What are the features provided by Jio Fiber? Location of Availability of Jio Fiber in Guwahati, Documents needed to apply for connection, Installation and Security Deposit, Actual Speed of Jio Fiber in Guwahati, etc

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