Best English to Assamese Dictionary App for 2021

The other day one of my friends was asking me for the best English to Assamese Dictionary App. I quickly hoped to Play Store and download some apps that popped in the search result. But I kept installing and uninstalling most of them. Because, most of them didn’t contain most of the words or had only a few basic features and were full of ads.

So, I researched for several hours and found few Best English to Assamese Dictionary App for 2021. It meets most of the features a dictionary app should have. To list, they are Glosbe, Luka Bhaku, Aakhor Dictionary, Axomi and Assamese Dictionary by One Horned Rhino.

History of Assamese Dictionary


History of the Assamese Dictionary goes back to the 18th Century. To be precise 1795, 18th century. But the popular belief is that Hemkosh (1900) was the first Assamese dictionary. To some, the first was Miles Bronson’s A dictionary of Assamese and English (1867).

To clear up the misconception, Hemkosh was the 10th Assamese dictionary. Bar Amra and Lati Amra were the first Assamese dictionary. They were compiled by two Tail scholars Tengai Mohon and Romakanta Molagharia individually in the 18th century (1795).

Bar Amra by Tengai Mohan and Lati Amara by Romakanta Molagharia was the first As

Timeline of History of Assamese Dictionary

  • Bar Amra by Tengai Mohan (1795)
  • Lati Amara by Romakanta Molagharia (1795)
  • Assamese Lexicon by Ruchinath Buragohain (1810)
  • 10 Language Vocabulary by Raja Brajanath Singha (1814)
  • Missing DIctionary by Jaduram Dekabarua (1836)
  • 4 Language Dictionary by Miles Bronson (1836)
  • Brief Vocabulary in English and Assamese with Rudimentary Exercises (1841, 1864)
  • A Dictionary of Assamese and English by Miles Bronson (1867)
  • Hemkosh by Hemchandra Barua (1900)
  • Chandrakanta  Abhidhan by Assam Sahitya Sabha (1933,1967)
  • Adhunik  Asomia Sabdakosh  (1995)
  • Asomia Jatiya Abhidhan (2010- present)
  • Bigyan Prajuktir Jatiya Abhidhan
  • Byabaharik Jatiya Abhidhan
  • Jatiya Abhidhan: A Paradigm Shift

Comparison of Top 5 English to Assamese Dictionary App

FeaturesGlosbeLuka BhakuAakhor DictionaryAxomiAssamese Dictionary
Total Words116,05050,000+50,000+40,000+40,000+
Launched 20112019202020142020
ModeOnline & OfflineOfflineOfflineOnlineOnline
AndroidAndroidAndroid, iOSAndroid,
Dictionary databaseGlosbe
Add New WordsYesNoNoNoNo
Sharing NoYesYesNoNo
Advanced FeatureAPIAdding New WordWord GuideBilingual MeaningPopup Word Meaning
in other apps
Word GamesNoYes, QuizNoNoNo
DetailsClick HereClick HereClick HereClick HereClick Here



Glosbe is the best English to Assamese dictionary you will come across. Actually Glosbe is not only English to Assamese dictionary but a multilingual dictionary. Nearly 7,900 languages are available in the Glosbe Multilingual dictionary. It also acts as English to Assamese translation app.

Glosbe not only provides word meaning, but it also provides examples, pronunciation, etc. It works both in online or offline mode.

Glosbe has a huge community of contributors like Wikipedia. People around the world develop the contents of the Glosbe dictionary. They also add new languages and translations. So, you will find almost all words available in English translated to Assamese.

Basic Info of Glosbe

Total Words: 1,16,050Launched: 2011
Mode: Online & OfflinePrice: Free
Sharing: YesDeveloper: Glosbe Parfieniuk i Stawiński s. j.

Platform Supported by Glosbe

Features of Glosbe

Multilingual Dictionary


Glosbe is a multilingual dictionary containing 7900 languages. From the 7900 languages, it has created 50M bilingual dictionaries. Among these English to Assamese dictionaries is one of them. 

Glosbe dictionary is far more better than standard bilingual English and Assamese dictionary. You can find almost 21,303 sentences and 5,780 phrases in this dictionary.


Glosbe not only provides translation from English to Assamese. But it also provides an example of usage. It does this by showing examples of translated sentences containing Assamese phrases. This is called translation memory in Glosbe.

The translation in Glosbe is taken from a free parallel corpora published. Currently Glosbe has 5,780 phrases and 21,303 sentences translated from English to Assames.


Glosbe is an open source dictionary. So, it provides free access to its API. At present it provides two API

  • Glosbe Dictionary API
  • Translation Memory API 

Though Glosbe API is free to use. But, there is a limit of calls to prevent abuse. The API call is fixed for one IP Address for a fixed period of time.

Huge Community

Glosbe dictionary is a collaborative dictionary. It means it is run and developed by its open community like Wikipedia. There is a huge community for Assamese language. They have converted 5,780 phrases and 21,303 words  from English to Assamese.

Glosbe Blog

Glosbe English to Assamese dictionary contains a great blog. You can find their recent updates, features announcement, etc. The Glosbe blog is hosted in Tumblr as of now. 

Pricing of Glosbe.

Glosbe dictionary is a free and open source dictionary. You don’t have to pay a single paise to use it.


  • It contains 5,780 phrases and 21,303 sentences in Assamese.
  • Apart from English to Assamese dictionary, you will find other 7900 languages in it.
  • It not only provides meaning but also examples, pronunciation. Etc.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It provides both online and offline mode.


  • Some users are facing problems in using Glosbe App for Android.
  • Some languages have little community and contributors.

Luka Bhaku


Luka Bhaku is an English to Assamese dictionary and vice versa. You can search for both English and Assamese meanings and words. Apart from a dictionary, it is a great learning tool. It has many advanced features like autosuggestion, quiz, etc. 

Luka Bhaku works in both offline and online mode. You can even add words to the dictionary by yourself. Moreover you can play quiz daily.

This English to Assamese dictionary app is user friendly and easy to use. It is very useful for students, teachers and other people out there.

Basic Info of 

Total Words: 50,000+Launched: 2019
Mode: OfflinePrice: Free
App: AndroidDeveloper: Times Group of company pvt. ltd.

Features of  Luka Bhaku

Bilingual Dictionary

Luka Bhaku contains two lanuguaes-English & Assamese. It acts as English to Assamese dictionary as well as an Assamese to English dictionary. 

When you type English word, it gives you meaning in Assamese but no english meaning is shown. But we were not able to do the reverse. If you type in Assamese, no result is shown.

Add New Word

This is a unique feature in this dictionary. You can add new words with meaning in this dictionary. To do this you have to go to the menu bar (3 horizontal bar) and select Add Word. Then select Add New Word and enter the word and meaning.

You can find all the words you have added in the Add New Word section.

Word Quiz


Luka Bhaku English to Assamese dictionary contains a section called Quiz. In a quiz you have to answer the meaning of some word or meaning will be given , you have to answer the words. You will be presented with 4 options and 10 questions will be asked. This basically enhances your vocabulary.

History of Words

This is one of the great features provided by Luka Bhaku dictionary. You will find the history of all the words you have searched in this dictionary. It will help to find the frequent words you use.

To find the history of words, you have to go to the menu (3 horizontal bar) and select history.  

Favourite and Sharing of Words

You can set  words as your favourite words. It will basically help you to find the meaning of the word quickly. You will find the favourite section under the menu.

Pricing of Luka Bhaku

As of now Luka Bhaku English to Assamese dictionary is free.


  • Easy to use and User Friendly. 


  • This English dictionary has fewer words. It needs to add more words.
  • No synonym, antonym and sentence use is not available.

Aakhor Dictionary


Aakhor Dictionary is a free Anglo-Assamese dictionary app. It is a part of the Aakhor Initiative by Invision, which aims to provide AI-based tools for Assamese word processing. It is one of the best English to Assamese dictionaries we have analyzed and contains many unique features.

Basic Info of Aakhor Dictionary

Total Words: 50,000+Launched: 2020
Mode: OfflinePrice: Free
App: AndroidDeveloper:Invision Webtech Pvt. Ltd.

Features of Aakhor Dictionary

50,000+ Word Meaning Dictionary

Aakhor English to Assamese dictionary contains the largest collection of words. It has over 50,000 words from English to Assamese. The meaning of a English word is given both in Assamese and English. So, you can use it as a English to Assamese dictionary or Assamese to English dictionary.

Assamese Pronunciation

It is a unique feature not found in any English to Assamese dictionary. You will find the pronunciation of each Assamese word in English. It is helpful for you if you are new to the Assamese language. It is also beneficial for native Assamese speaking people. Because it will help you to learn and pronounce new words.

Guide to use the word

Apart for a dictionary, Aakhor has lot to offer you. To list some extra features are.

Parts of speech

It displays the part of speech in which the word falls. For example, the word “pen” is Material noun.

Gender of Word

For the Assamese language there is gender associated with every word. This English to Assamese dictionary shows the gender of some words. For example, the word “fish” is common gender or “Uboi lingo” in Assamese.

Learn Assamese 

This is one of the features we loved in Aakhor. Its is especially beneficial to the people who are learning Assamese language. It contains list of Assamese Alphabets along with phonetics (pronunciation)

Cloud backed Platform

Although the dictionary is online, it is fast. The database of the dictionary is hosted in Google cloud platform. The app is fast due to its cloud baked platform.

Share Option

Besides, the above mentioned feature, it also allows you to share the meaning of a word. You can share in WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. You can even email it or message the meaning of the word in this English to Assamese dictionary.

History of Words 

You can find all the words you have seen or searched. It displays right in its App dashboard.

It is helpful to get a quick glance of previously searched meaning.

Voice Typing (coming soon)

Aakhor has promised to include voice search or voice typing in its English to Assamese dictionary app. 

Pricing of Aakhor

Aakhor English to Assmese dictionary is free for now..


  • Sharing
  • Pronunciation in English
  • Shows part of speech and sentence frang


  • Latest Word related to the digital age like email, social media, etc. is not found in this dictionary.

Axomi:Assamese Dictionary


Axomi is our next pick for best English to Assamese dictionary. It is very popular English to Assamese and Assmese to English dictionary. The developer claims Axomi is the first English to Assamese dictionary app in the word.

This dictionary only works in online mode. To use it online you have to use mobile internet connection or Wi-Fi connection. For home use you can get Jio Fiber internet using their Wi-Fi Router.

Basic Info of Axomi

Total Words: 40,000+Launched: 2014
Mode: OnlinePrice: Free
App: Android , iOSDeveloper:Manabendra Gogoi

Features of Axomi

Bilingual Dictionary

Axomi is not only English to Assames but also Assamese to English dictionary. When you open the app you will be prompted to select any one option from two. Database

Axomi has no proprietary database of words. It uses dictionary database. database is created by contributors or volunteers. 

Pronunciation of Assamese Word

This dictionary provides pronunciation of Assamese words. It is beneficial to the people learning Assamese. It also will help you to pronounce the Assamese word correctly.

Bilingual Meaning


Axomi contains meaning both in Assamese and English. So, you can use it as 

  • English to Assamese Dictionary. 
  • Assamese to English dictionary.
  • English to English dictionary.
  • Assamese to Assamese dictionary.

Smart Search of Words

Sometimes you will not remember or don’t know the exact spelling of a word. But you need to know the meaning. Axomi dictionary has got this covered. It got a smart search feature.

In Axomi you have to type 

Offline Mode

The dictionary  works fully  in offline mode. Now you don’t need to worry about your internet connectivity. You will always have a Assamese dictionary app anywhere and every time.

Pricing of Axomoi

Axomi is a completely free dictionary. The developer has promised  to keep it free forever.


  • No annoying advertisement in this dictionary app.
  • Easy to use or User Friendly
  • English Phonetics search option for Assamese to English dictionary mode.


  • Lack of a few words in the dictionary. But this app uses the database, where you can contribute words you have not found.
  • History of word searched and meaning seen is missing.

Assamese Dictionary by One Horned Rhino


This English to Assamese dictionary by One Horned Rhino was found out after a long research. It provides most of the basic features an Assamese dictionary app should have. But we picked this as it provides some unique features – discussed later. 

Basic Info of Assamese Dictionary by One Horned Rhino

Total Words: 40,000+Launched: 2020
Mode: OnlinePrice: Free
App: AndroidDeveloper:One Horned Rhino

Features of Axomi

Bilingual Dictionary with 40,000+ Words Meaning 

Assamese Dictionary by One Horned Rhino contains more than 40,000 words meaning. Basically the database of this dictionary is taken from 

You can use it as English to Assamese dictionary or Assamese to English dictionary. You just have to touch the round icon on the right top corner to change the mode.

Sentence Usage

This dictionary provides meanings along with usage and example sentences. It helps you to understand proper translation.

Auto Suggestion


Auto suggestion is a great feature to have in English to Assamese dictionary. You don’t need to type the full spelling of a word, you will be automatically suggested words. You just have to select the word you want the meaning of.

Meaning Popup in Other App

This is the most exciting feature of this Assamese dictionary app. It helps you to get the meaning of a word while using other apps. It will display a popup window with word meaning while running in the background.

For example, someone has sent you a message in WhatsApp and you want to find the meaning of a word. You have to just select the word and copy the word. You will get a popup window with meaning of word in this Assamese dictionary app.

Pricing of Assamese Dictionary by One Horned Rhino

As of now this dictionary is free to use.


  • It provides an auto suggestion feature.
  • Popup window for word meaning without actually opening the dictionary
  • Lightweight dictionary app and relatively fast app.


  • Provides only basic meaning. Pronunciation, sentence framing and other features not found.
  • No sharing features like other English to Assmamese dictionary.

Other Mentionable English to Assamese Dictionary App

Final Verdict

Summing up, we have provided in-depth details of the best English to Assamese dictionary app available at present. We have tested all the apps. In addition to many word’s meaning available and many advanced features, Glosbe and Luka Bhaku is our top pick. Aakhor English to Assamese dictionary is the best in word meaning as it contains a database of 50,000+ words. Axomi and Assamese dictionary by One Horned Rhino is both online and uses the same database from and has the same features.

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