Do you know that we in Guwahati City generate nearly 550 Tones (i.e 550 x 100 kgs) of waste everyday. Guwahati Municipal Corporation or GMC Garbage Collection service is helping us to manage these waste everyday.

GMC looks after the waste management  activities of  the Guwahati Municipal Area.GMC Garbage Collection consist of NGOs, Secondary Collection and Transportation (C&T) agencies, JTOs, Supervisors, Sweepers and many others who are responsible for primary collection to disposal activities.

This blog post intends to provide all the relevant information for the citizens of Guwahati about GMC garbage collection like contact numbers, NGOs involved, helpline and complaint system, etc.


Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) is the urban local body(ULB) responsible for governing, developing and managing areas under Guwahati City. The GMC was created under Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act 1971. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation was duly constituted in 1974 in the first meeting of the elected councilors.

The entire GMC area is divided into 60 municipal wards. The number of wards increased from 31 to 60 this month after delimitation. Each  ward is further divided into 2-4 sub wards/areas.


As of now Guwahati is the most populated city of Assam. The population of Guwahati  was nearly 9.57 lakhs according to the 2011 census. If you consider 1% annual average population growth, then the present population of Guwahati will be nearly 10.6 lakhs by now or more.

Guwahati city alones produces nearly 500 MT(metric ton, 1MT=1000kgs) of waste everyday. This waste is produced by 2.5 lakhs residential areas and 80,000 commercial establishments.

To collect these waste produced everyday in Guwahati city, there are 31 NGOs. Autos and Tricycles are used to collect the waste. 62 Autos and nearly 500 tricycles are used to collect the waste from the residential and commercial areas. 

In addition to above modern compactors, tippers are used as a secondary collection of waste. 

There are 2 functional Transfer Stations for collection of secondary waste and the main dumping ground is situated in Boragaon. Boragaon has a compost plant that produces nearly 5-6  tones per day (TPD) compost.


The Guwahati Municipal Corporation is responsible for GMC Garbage Collection Service in Guwahati. They have robust infrastructure and well planned management service for waste management. This has helped Guwahati city to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

There are many entities responsible for GMC garne collection at each level . I will explain each one of them.

gmc garbage collection

Collection of Waste from Residential and Commercial Places in Guwahati (Primary Collectors)

The collection of waste from your house and commercial establishment comes under primary collection. So, the person or agencies collecting from you are known as primary collectors. The job of primary collectors is to collect the waste generated by you on a daily basis for a nominal monthly fee.

The wards in Guwahati city were increased from 31 to 60 in this month. But before Guwahati was divided into 31 wards. Each ward there is a Non Governmental Organization(NGO) assigned as primary collector for waste. The responsibility of each NGO is provided below.

Job/Responsibility of NGO of GMC Garbage Collection

The NGO has a major role to play in GMC Garbage Collection.They use tricycle, thalas (hand pulled cart),hydraulic mounted trailer auto tippers, etc. for the collection of household and commercial establishment’s wastes.

NGO major responsibility are listed below.

  • Door-to-Door Collection of waste produced daily in residential and commercial establishments in Guwahati.
  • Street Sweeping of the ward assigned to them.
  • Collection of Monthly Charges from the households and commercial establishments as per the notification of User Charges issued by the Corporation from time to time.

Collection of Waste from Primary Collectors in Guwahati (Secondary Collectors)

The waste collected by the NGOs from your home and commercial establishment is handed over to secondary collectors known as Secondary Collection and Transportation (C&T)  . The secondary collectors are the GMC themselves. 

Secondary collectors have a fleet of modern compactors, tippers. The process of secondary collection of waste in Guwahati city is looked at by Zonal engineers, JTOs and Supervisors.

The NGOs dump the waste to 2 functional Transfer Stations in Guwahati. These transfer center temporarily stores the waste collected through GMC Garbage Collection service. They are listed below.

  1. Secondary Collection Center, Nursery, RGB Road
  2. Secondary Collection Center, GMCH, Bhangagarh

From these secondary collection centers, the waste is transported to Boragaon Dumping Center. Neary 85-90% of waste collected here is transported to Boragaon daily for further processing and disposal.

Processing and Disposal of Waste in Guwahati City

All the waste collected from Guwahati city is finally dumped in Borgaon, Guwahati for processing and disposal. The waste is segregated here on the basis of degradability, types of materials, etc. 

There is a compost plant in Boragaon was commissioned in 2010 for GMC Garbage Collection. These compost plant used Windrow Composting technology for composing the waste. As of now it produces 5-6  tones per day (TPD) compost.


NGOs are the primary collectors of GMC Garbage collection in Guwahati city. At present there are 58 NGO for 31 wards and the parts of the ward. But recently the wards of Guwahati was increased to 60 from 31, so the NGOs number would increase.

As of now I am providing the list of all the 58 NGOs with other relevant information.

Sl. NoName of NGOsWard/Part No Covered
2Aradhana Area Level Fedaration29A
3Ashray NGO23A, 23C
4Asthitya NGO25B
5Bahnishikha Woman & Child Welfare Society12A, 12B
6Bhai Bahi Unnayan Samity25C
7Bharati Yuva Shakti NGO15B, 17C, 19A
8Bhorosa NGO3A
9Brotherhood NGO1B
10Creative NGO12C
12Ganeshguri Suryodaya Sangha8C
13Gouri Sevapeeth Mission2A
14Guwahati Ladies Club19B
15Gyanleen NGO4A
16Jai Maa Bagala Helping Hand NGO16C
17Jana Sevika Atmo Saahayak Got (SHG)22A
18Janashakti Welfare Society11A, 11B
19Jeevan Sathi Welfare Society10A
20Kamakhya Environmental Social Welfare15A, 15C
21Kiron Social Welfare Society13A, 13B
22Krishti Welfare Organisation21B, 21C
23Manab Kalyan Development Social Organization3B
24Nabadeep Social Welfare Society8A
25Nabarup NGO23B
26Nava Nirman Sangskar Sevak22C
27Nava Suraj NGO5A, 5B, 5C
28New Evergreen NGO16B, 17A, 27B
29No 46 Ward Janakalyan Welfare Society31A
30North East Eco Development Society24C
31North Eastern Society for Human Resources24B, 26C
32Orion Society29C
33Patharquary Rodali NGO2BD
34Peoples Organization for Social Development NGO13C
35Poohar NGO21A
36Pragati Sangha18A, 18B,18C
37Pragyan NGO19C, 30C
38Rengoni Atmo Saahayak Got (SHG)22B
39Sadhana4B, 7A, 7B
40Sahajatri20A, 25A
42Saptarathi Wefare Society29B
43Satabdi NGO27A, 27C
44Shikshalaya NGO2B
45Shristi NGO10B, 10C
46Shyamkanu Samajik Kalyankami Anusthan30B, 31C
47Sibanga NGO6C
48Social Development and Beauty Culture6A, 6B
49Subham Welfare Society9A, 9B, 9C
50Sunshine NGO28A, 30A
51Suraj NGO14A, 14B
53Udayan Social Welfare Society1A, 1C
54Unique Society NGO28B
55Uttaran Social Welfare Society26A
56Wings Rural Development Society26B, 26D
57Yatra20B, 20C
58Yuva Prerona16A, 17B


In this section, the contact number and contact person under the NGO is provided who are responsible for GMC Garbage Collection.

Sl NoWard/Part NoName of the NGOContact PersonPhone No
11AUdayan Social Welfare SocietyAkbar Ali9957047867
21BBrotherhood NGOAfjal Ali7638830508
31CUdayan Social Welfare SocietyAkbar Ali9957047867
42AGouri Sevapeeth MissionDulal Das8638625715
52BShikshalaya NGOBapi Biswas9577600012
63ABhorosa NGORam Dutta8473055565
73BManab Kalyan Development Social OrganizationArijit Das7002980895
84AGyanleen NGOPradip Baishya9706787409
94BSadhanaParag Thakuria9864161241
105ANava Suraj NGOBiraj Kumar8638435985
115BNava Suraj NGOBiraj Kumar8638435985
125CNava Suraj NGOBiraj Kumar8638435985
136ASocial Development and Beauty CultureSadhan Das8638797792
146BSocial Development and Beauty CultureSadhan Das8638797792
156CSibanga NGODhrubajyoti Kalita8811056321
167ASadhanaParag Thakuria9864161241
177BSadhanaParag Thakuria9864161241
187CAnkonAbdul Wahab Ahmed9435040407
198ANabadeep Social Welfare SocietyMantu Kr. Das99542330729706950317
208BSuryodayaAjit Barman9101431183
218CGaneshguri Suryodaya SanghaAjit Barman9101431183
229ASubham Welfare SocietySujit Dey9864805384
239BSubham Welfare SocietySujit Dey9864805384
249CSubham Welfare SocietySujit Dey9864805384
2510AJeevan Sathi Welfare SocietyMrinal Chakraborty8638976718
2610BShristi NGOMrinal Chakraborty8638976718
2710CShristi NGOMrinal Chakraborty8638976718
2811AJanashakti Welfare SocietyBaharul Ali7002594776
2911BJanashakti Welfare SocietyBaharul Ali7002594776
3012ABahnishikha Woman & Child Welfare SocietyKamala Bharali9365254228
3112BBahnishikha Woman & Child Welfare SocietyKamala Bharali9365254228
3212CCreative NGOAnup Sharma8638319418
3313AKiron Social Welfare SocietyBabul Ali9859193146
3413BKiron Social Welfare SocietyBabul Ali9859193146
3513CPeoples Organization for Social Development NGOMohidul Hussain7670099723
3614ASuraj NGOTagar Sarma7002396912
3714BSuraj NGOTagar Sarma7002396912
3815AKamakhya Environmental Social WelfarePinki Dey9954782889
3915BBharati Yuva Shakti NGONaren Das7002876252
4015CKamakhya Environmental Social WelfarePinki Dey9954782889
4116AYuva PreronaPulak Tamuli9678877030
4216BNew Evergreen NGOUmesh Haloi8638267358
4316CJai Maa Bagala Helping Hand NGOMitan Sarkar98643029969706902917
4417ANew Evergreen NGOBipul Haloi9678940782
4517BYuva PreronaPulak Tamuli9678877030
4617CBharati Yuva Shakti NGONaren Das7002876252
4718APragati SanghaBobita Borah7002182968
4818BPragati SanghaBobita Borah7002182968
4918CPragati SanghaBobita Borah7002182968
5019ABharati Yuva Shakti NGONaren Das7002876252
5119BGuwahati Ladies ClubMani Talukdar6000750154
5219CPragyan NGOPankaj Lahkar9101286737
5320ASahajatriBinod Das9954192609
5420BYatraHitesh Deka8011785617
5520CYatraHitesh Deka8011785617
5621APoohar NGOJunu Gogoi7002166303
5721BKrishti Welfare OrganisationJunu Gogoi7002166303
5821CKrishti Welfare OrganisationJunu Gogoi7002166303
5922AJana Sevika Atmo Saahayak Got (SHG)Chandan Chetry7002354779
6022BRengoni Atmo Saahayak Got (SHG)Manjit Das60025150379864136422
6122CNava Nirman Sangskar SevakBrajen Nath8752969051
6223AAshray NGOKhairul Haque9706916045
6323BNabarup NGOMausam Ali9864420447
6423CAshray NGOKhairul Haque9706916045
6524APeoples Organization for Social Development NGOMohidul Hussain7002315261
6624BNorth Eastern Society for Human ResourcesP K Dutta8638704602
6724CNorth East Eco Development SocietyKhairul Haque9706916045
6824DPatharquary Rodali NGOTridip Deka7002578533
6925ASahajatriBinod Das9954192609
7025BAsthitya NGOSafi Ali8474077885
7125CBhai Bahi Unnayan SamitySafi Ali8474077885
7226AUttaran Social Welfare SocietyMunindra Narayan Medhi9706112822
7326BWings Rural Development SocietyDhrubajyoti Kalita7002079989
7426CNorth Eastern Society for Human ResourcesPadum Kumar Dutta7086456644
7526DWings Rural Development SocietyDhrubajyoti Kalita7002079989
7627ASatabdi NGOManoj Das8011349301
7727BNew Evergreen NGORamen Chandra Das9706138118
7827CSatabdi NGOManoj Das8011349301
7928ASunshine NGOSangita Saud9864185576
8028BUnique Society NGOJayanta Kalita9954330000
8128CEnajoriDiganta Kalita9864049073
8229AAradhana Area Level FedarationDipa Bora Dutta9954779316
8329BSaptarathi Wefare SocietyLabanya Das76388889608638585873
8429COrion SocietyKrishna Borah9864911949
8530ASunshine NGOSangita Saud9864185576
8630BShyamkanu Samajik Kalyankami AnusthanPulakesh Pathak9365060173
8730CPragyan NGOPankaj Lahkar9101286737
8831ANo 46 Ward Janakalyan Welfare SocietyBinod Das99541926097002645918
8931BSAKIPranjal Phukan8876722557
9031CShyamkanu Samajik Kalyankami AnusthanPulakesh Pathak9365060173


You can lodge a complaint on GMC Garbage collection by sending an email to [email protected]. After a complaint is processed the outcome or feedback regarding the complaint will be  provided to you.


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GMC has provided one helpline number for any queries or complaints related to GMC Garbage Collection. It is listed below.

+91- 88110-07000


GMC Garbage collection is a robust one and working fine within the city of Guwahati. But there are some suggestions from our side for a better one. 

  • Online complaint and grievance redressal mechanisms may be provided for GMC Garbage Collection.
  • Some citizens of Guwahati have complained that the NGO does not collect their waste on a daily basis.
  • Awareness of waste management may be provided to the citizens of Guwahati.


Summing up, GMC garbage collection has a robust mechanism for garbage collection and disposal in Guwahati Municipal Wards. The GMC garbage collection contact number and GMC garbage collection NGO is provided for your ready reference.

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