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With an aim to make Assam a tourist hub of India and world, the Assam Cabinet on 28th July, 2022 has approved the Assam Tourism Policy 2022. 

This blog post will bring you a detailed analysis of Assam Tourism Policy 2022. It will highlight the objective and key features of this policy.  This post also will discuss Special Tourism Zones (STZ) which will be created under this policy to boost different tourism of Assam.


Assam is one of the most beautiful and attractive regions of India. Assam has so much to offer to tourists from natural beauty, wildlife, beautiful culture, tea and the mighty Brahmaputra.

Assam is a nationally and internationally all season tourist destination for its unique wildlife, bio-diversity and unexploited wonderland.

Assam Tourism Policy 2022 aims to develop adequate infrastructure and improve infrastructure at various tourist destinations of Assam. Along this, it also aims to take into consideration the ecological and cultural sensitivities of Assam


Before Assam Tourism Policy 2022, there have been 2 Tourism policies of Assam. So, in total there as 3 Assam Tourism Policy as of now. They are listed below.

  • Assam Tourism Policy 2008
  • Assam Tourism Policy 2017
  • Assam Tourism Policy 2022

The first Assam Tourism policy was announced in 2008. The main emphasis of Assam Tourism Policy 2008 was given to Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Assam Tourism industry. This drastically increased the number of tourist coming to Assam.

The second tourism policy of Assam came into existence in 2017. This policy aimed to create a policy framework to move Assam tourism into a major economic sector and increase the inflow of tourist to Assam 2 to 3 times.

The 3rd Tourism policy of Assam i.e Assam Tourism Policy 2022 was approved by Assam Cabinet on 28th July 2022.  This policy aims to develop and improve the infrastructure of various tourist destinations of Assam.

Tourism is a major contributor to the economic growth of any region. It has a great capacity to create large scale employment. Moreover, Assam tourism will be a significant contributor to the sustainable development of Assam.


The Assam Tourism Policy 2022 main objectives are listed below.

  • Develop Infrastructure at various tourist places of Assam
  • Improve or Upgrade Infrastructure of various tourist places of Assam
  • Development of connection tourist circuits
  • Development of Tourism of Assam in consideration to the ecological and cultural sensitivities of Assam.


The main key features of Assam Tourism Policy 2022 are given below.

  • Engagement of local peoples of various tourist places of Assam directly or indirectly
  • Support for the development of Home Stay Scheme or Amar Alohi Schemes among the local communities of the tourist place of Assam
  • Coordination between Tourism and Transport sector will be focused under this policy
  • Special Tourism Zones (STZ)  will be created under this policy.
  • Private Sector Investment in tourism will be promoted .


Involving local communities is the way to make tourism a success in Assam. Tourism development at any tourist destination should at first benefit the local community.

The local communities can be involved to keep the general ambience around the tourist places sound and safe.They can be involved in the following task.

  • Cleanliness & hygiene of he tourist places
  • Maintenance of Tourist Places
  • Waste management
  • Monitoring of pay and use toilets
  • Safety and security of tourists


Transport from airport, railway stations, bus stations or any other point upto the tourist place of Assam is the most crucial factor from tourist point of view.  Safe, secure and reliable Transport Services are very important.

Under this policy, transport services to the places which are difficult to plcaes like riverine island, hillocks and hills will be provided. Services could be river taxis, helicopters, hovercrafts, ropeways, etc. will be created in PPP mode.


Under Assam Tourism Policy 2022 , Special Tourism Zones (STZ) will be created. These Special Tourism Zones will be created in such places or zones that promote the following type of Tourism in Assam.

  • Tea Tourism Of Assam
  • Wildlife Tourism Of Assam
  • Golf Tourism
  • Medical & Wellness Tourism Of Assam
  • Spiritual Tourism
  • Ethnic Tourism
  • River Tourism
  • Transit Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Monsoon & Leisure Tourism
  • Eco Tourism
  • Mining Tourism
  • Film Tourism

The infrastructure will be upgraded and new infrastructure will be created in these Special Tourism Zones (STZ) . Home Stay, Tourist amenities, Hotels, Transport facilities will be developed in STZ.


Manohari Gold Tea

Assam Tea is known all over the world. Many people around the world come to see tea gardens of Assam. Under Assam Tourism Policy 2022, Tea Tourism will get a big boost. The guidelines for promotion and development of Tea Tourism of Assam Infrastructure was approved  in the Assam cabinet meeting on 28th July, 2022.

50 Teas gardens with iconic bungalows that are close to tourism circuit will be selected for development under this policy. The development of these tea gardens for Tea Tourism will be done through PPP mode.

To develop the infrastructure for Tea Tourism  50% of cost will be borne by Assam government but upto to a maximum of ₹2 crores. The total budget for development of these 50 tea gardens is ₹100 crores.


Bansbari Lodge or Bashbari Tourist Lodge is located at Manas National Park. It offers home stay to tourists visiting Manas National Park. 

Under this policy, a hospitality project will be coming up at this place. A big homestay will be developed through PPP mode.

MoU has been signed with Hyatt Group of Hotels for setting up a 5-star hotel at Kaziranga. Another MoU has been signed with TATA Group for setting up 2 high end Tea Tourisim Resorts at Kaziranga.


Assam has an extensive river network. The river Brahmaputra is intrinsic to the socio-cultural

life in Assam. Assam has immense opportunities to develop river tourism and water leisure

Activities for the tourist coming to Assam.

 The following things can be done to promote River Tourism of Assam

  • Colorful Canal Barges
  • Boating
  •  Luxury Cruisers
  • Motor Boats
  • Dolphin Show
  • Underwater World
  • Water Sports And Lighters
  •  Para Sailing
  • River Rafting And
  • Water Amusements

River tourism in Assam during summer could be a great way to spend holidays. International standard  luxury cruises can be brought. This will draw more domestic and international tourist traffic to Assam.


In this post, I have in detail analyzed the Assam Tourism Policy 2022 that was approved by the Assam Cabinet on 28th July, 2022. I have highlighted the objective and key feature of this policy.

Assam Tourism Policy 2022 will create Special Tourism Zones (STZ) to boost tea tourism, golf tourism, medical & Wellness tourism, etc. Do visit for more updates and interesting contents.

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