Best Authentic Assam Tea to buy online

There are a lot of teas that you must have come across in your lives. Assam Tea, the malty black tea is the most loved and preferred tea worldwide. In this post, I have provided the details of the best authentic Assam Tea to buy online.

You can find many Assam Tea to buy online. I tasted most of them and made a list of the top ones. The best authentic Assam Tea to buy online is Tea Valley Assam Tea. But, you can also opt for Udyan Tea, Chaipoint, Parrys Deckiajuli Assam Tea.

In this post, I will provide you with a brief introduction to Assam Tea and buying guide for choosing the best authentic Assam Tea to buy online. Then I will come up with the details of the best Best Authentic Assam Tea to buy online. 

Assam Tea

Assam is home to a large number of tea plantations that are famous for producing perfect teas with different flavors. Assam tea leaf is a strong tea that usually has a malty flavor. You can use it in various tea mixes to provide them with a more grounded base and profundity.

The low height and heat and humidity conditions of Assam provide this stunning tea with its rich, profound golden shading and solid, malty character, making it the ideal early morning cup. The second flush Assam teas are valued for their interesting taste and splendid liquor and are considered to be one of the most liked teas on the planet.

History and Popularity of Assam Tea

It is believed that the people of the Bodo tribe brought tea into Assam. They grew it for themselves and didn’t take it beyond Assam. It was Robert Bruce, a Scottish explorer who made the surprising revelation by seeing the tea plant in the slopes close to Rangpur, Assam, in 1823 during his trading mission.

Assam is home to the origin of Indian Tea.  Assam isn’t simply acclaimed because of its magnificent tea plantations but because of its long growing season and rainfall. It is also the largest tea-producing region in the world. The unmistakable malty, black tea that this area produces is the most loved tea worldwide.

Health benefits of Assam Tea

  • Assam Tea Helps Reduce the Risk of Heart Problems
  • It Induces Weight Loss
  • Assam Tea Helps Lower Chances of Neurological Diseases
  • It  Helps Fight Diarrhoea
  • Assam Black Tea is Good for Asthmatic Patients
  • It  Helps Fight Digestive Problems
  • Black Tea of Assam Helps Reduce the Incidence of Gastric Ulcers
  • Assam Tea  May Help Prevent Cancer
  • It  Lowers the Risk of Diabetes
  • Black Tea May Help Protect against Osteoporosis
  • Assam Tea Prevents Tooth Decay & Oral Cancer
  • Black Tea Boosts Immunity and many more.

Buying Guide for Buying Assam Tea Online

There is no well-written guidebook for buying the best Assam Tea online. But from my experience, I am sharing a few tips for you to choose almost the best one.

  • Look for the leaves from where tea is harvested. The tea leaves should be from any tea plantation of Assam.
  • If the tea leaves are larger, the quality is higher and better the flavour.
  • Most of the Assam Tea to buy online are CTC teas or green teas (loose leaf tea) and Tea bags.
  • Buy loose Assam Tea leaves rather than tea bags.
  • Assam Tea contains high levels of caffeine and has strong flavour. So, the Assam tea you buy online should have this taste.
  • The packing of Tea should be good. It should be vacuum packed or in a tin container or may be container with ziplock. It will keep the flavour and smell intact.
  • Try to avoid artificial flavoured teas or masala assam tea sold online. Buy loose leaves tea or CTC tea to get the real flavour of Assam tea.

Best Authentic Assam Tea to Buy online

# 5. Parry’s Deckiajuli Premium Assam Tea

This is the most authentic Assam Tea you can find online. It is made from tea leaves of Dekiajuli Tea Estate of Assam. You will find the flavor mild with a rich aroma. The taste is really good for a cup of morning tea. In winter season you make this tea to make Bhut Jolokia Tea.

You will love the taste of this Assam Tea. You will notice from the Deckiajuli Premium tea packet, that it has “Assam Logo” on it. It means that this tea is 100% produced and packed from Assam. It is a must buy as this tea tastes great and it is value for money.

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Buyers Guide

Regular PriceClick Here
Cash on  DeliveryYes
Weight/Quantity250 grams/500grams/1 kg
Best Before/Shelf Life12 months
Return OptionNon-Returnable
Customer Reviews3.8
ManufacturerParry Agro Industries Ltd

About Parry Agro

Parry Agro has estates across the best tea regions in India. In South India, Parry Agro estates are spread across Sheikalmudi, Murugalli, Paralai and Iyerpadi, in the Anamallai Hills, Attikunna and Carolyn, in the Nilgiris–Wayanad region; and in Assam at Deckiajuli along the banks of the river Brahmaputra. These estates produce some of the finest Indian teas.

Rajajuli tea factory is a 1 million kilograms CTC tea manufacturing unit situated in Rajagarh, district Udalguri, BTAD – Assam. The factory is situated in the midst of 5000 hectares of young mature tea plantations. These tea bushes are of the best quality clone varieties and are plucked with utmost care to deliver the right fine leaf.

Nutritional Info

Energy: 100  KCalCarbohydrates: 4 grams
Protein: 20 gramsFats: 1.30
Cholesterol: NilVitamins & Minerals: Traces.


100% pure Leaf grade Assam tea


  • 100% pure leaf grade Assam tea
  • Deckiajuli premium has Mild flavor, brisk astringency with fiery amber liquor and a sumptuous aroma.
  • An Unique Assam logo from Tea board of India certify as 100% Assam blend.
  • Packed in 250gms pouches with shelf life of 12 months


  • This is 100 % produced and packed in Assam.
  • The flavour and taste is great.
  • The price of this Assam Tea online is much lower than rest of the tea you can buy online.


  • Some user complaints of the bitter taste for tea.

# 4. Jarved Organic Assam Queen Black Tea

This Assam tea has a strong and earthy aroma which is suggestive of very good quality. The leaves are roasted to perfection. If you like your tea strong and aromatic, look no further. This tea has a rich, authentic Assam tea flavor. It’s a tea lovers’ delight.

The packaging is sturdy and delivery is fast assuring that the flavor and aroma is well preserved. I would highly recommend it.

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Buyers Guide

Regular PriceClick Here
Cash on  DeliveryYes
Weight/Quantity100 grams/200 grams
Best Before/Shelf Life12 months
Return OptionNon-Returnable
Customer Reviews4.1
ManufacturerJarved International

About Jarved International

At Jarved, the Assam tea are sourced  directly from the finest tea estates of Assam. Their products are handcrafted and packaged in micro-batches for premium freshness. Each garden Jarved work with is on a mission of sustainability. No Artificial Colors, no Artificial Fragrance and most importantly No Harmful Pesticides or Preservatives are added to the tea.

Historically, Jarved International loose leaf teas have only been exported. With increasing consumer awareness, their best teas are now enjoyed at home and have a steady demand on the homegrown front.

Nutritional Info

Energy: 120  KCalCarbohydrates: 3 grams
Protein: 25 gramsFats: 1.00
Cholesterol: NilVitamins & Minerals: Traces.


Black Tea Leaves


  • Appearance- Mix of well rolled, medium-sized brown and black leaves | Aroma- Pleasant with hints of burnt sugar and wood | Taste- Dates, Almonds and Parsley
  • Grade- TGFOP1
  • No Insecticides, No Pesticides, No Chemicals, No Genetically Modified Seeds | Good for you and the environment
  • Benefits: This Tea helps in Weight Loss, Cleanses and Purifies the Body of Toxins and Waste, Thereby Boosting your Metabolism and Energy Levels through the Day


  • Pleasant  aroma with hints of burnt sugar and wood
  • The tea packing comes with a zip lock. This tea comes in vacuum food grade ziplocks that helps to preserve the freshness of this tea.
  • No artificial colors or flavours and most importantly no tea dust bags is added.


  • It is a little bit overpriced.
  • Some buyers complained of a very bitter taste.

# 3. Chai Point Assam Premium Tea

This best authentic assam tea to buy online is prepared from the best quality tea leaves of Assam. This Assam tea is ideal for making milk based tea and black tea. This tea really refreshes your mood and brain.

This product is great and beats all available tea you can find online.It has a unique essence and produces strong decoction. It comes in a biodegradable, brown packaging. Moreover, the vacuum packed container ensures you get the perfect taste and quality of tea leaves.

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Regular PriceClick Here
Cash on  DeliveryYes
Weight/Quantity200 grams
Best Before/Shelf Life12 months
Return OptionNon-Returnable
Customer Reviews4.0
ManufacturerChai Point

About the Chai Point

Chai Point, India’s largest organized Chai retailer, brings a perfectly brewed cup of Chai made with fresh, natural ingredients.In order to deliver a great tasting cup of Tea, they source the highest quality tea from tea estates around the country to give you the best brews. It is sourced from exclusive estates and companies in Assam, Darjeeling and the Nilgiris. The top-grade tea leaves they use are free of artificial colours and flavours, offering you not just great taste but also good health each time you take a sip.

Nutritional Info (per 100g)

Energy: 117  KCalCarbohydrates: 4.99 grams
Protein: 22 gramsFats: 1.30
Cholesterol: NilVitamins & Minerals: Traces.


100% Indian Black Tea



  • Amazing Flavour and taste of Assam tea
  • Biodegradable packing .
  • It produces strong decoction.


  • Some buyers complained that they received old manufactured packets.
  • Pricing is economical for the taste but not for the quantity of 200grams.
  • No measuring spoon provided in the packing.

# 2. Udyan Tea Assam Exotic Chai

You will find Udyan Tea Assam Exotic Chai the perfect cup of tea from Assam. It os a high quality CTC tea. The falovour is strong with full bodied malty taste. This tea has a bold and bright coppery red liquor and becomes golden brown when milk is added.

The container is vacuum sealed packaging in a 3-layer resealable aluminum foil pack that locks in maximum freshness, aroma & taste. This tea is perfect with snacks while watching your favourite series and movies in OTT Platform.

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Buyers Guide

Regular PriceClick Here
Cash on  DeliveryYes
Weight/Quantity250 grams
Best Before/Shelf Life24 months
Return OptionNon-Returnable
Customer Reviews4.1
ManufacturerUGP Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

About Udyan Tea

The team behind Udyan  Te are a bunch of tea-enthusiasts who have a legacy that few can claim – they all belong to the land of tea. This means, they intrinsically know what good tea tastes like.

Punit Poddar, a hardcore chai lover has over 12 years experience in tea-tasting and he ensures that you find only the best tea with Udyan. Parvez Gupta, a seeker of a fine cup of Darjeeling Tea, is the behind-the-scenes guy responsible for Udyan’s technical and operational finesse. Soveet Gupta, is on a never-ending quest for exotic flavoured blends. He ensures a seamless experience for the customers while taking care of marketing & business development.

Nutritional Info (per 100g)

Energy: 355 KCalCarbohydrates: 61.22 grams
Protein: 27.6 gramsFats: Traces


CTC Black Tea


Type: CTC Tea

Origin: Assam

Season: Second Flush

Caffeine: High

Tasting notes: Full bodied, brisk taste with sweet honey mouthfeel

Medium sized, dark brown and soft grains with bloom that turns Golden Brown when brewed with milk.

Aroma: Sweet, malty aroma with honey ascents


  • It is high quality CTC tea from Assam.
  • The tea comes in a tin container in turn packed in an aluminium foil wrapped pack. This ensures the tea stays in the best possible condition without any foreign objects.
  • The tea is quite strong (karak) and the masala content is also quiet enriching.


  • Some user complained of bitter taste of the tea
  • Some buyers also complained that this  tea is average tea..

# 1. Tea Valley Assam Tea

Tea Valley Assam Tea is very aromatic tea and it has a strong Assam flavour. It is a blend of 100% Assam Tea, enriched with aromatic, orthodox long leaf. You will find the flavour and freshness of this tea to be intact. 

The Tea Valley Original offers the malty thickness of ‘good’ Assam CTC (Crush/Cut, Tear, Curl), delivering a truly joyful tea drinking experience.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07X3D49TY&Format= SL480 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=guwahatilive 21&language=en INir?t=guwahatilive 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07X3D49TY

Buyers Guide

Regular PriceClick Here
Cash on  DeliveryYes
Weight/Quantity250 grams/500grams/1 kg/1.25 kg
Best Before/Shelf Life12 months
Return OptionNon-Returnable
Customer Reviews4.1
ManufacturerDJ Sons Consumer Goods Pvt. Ltd

About Tea Valley DJ Sons Consumer Goods Pvt. Ltd

The Tea Valley Brand was introduced in 2018 as a part of the DJ Group. The name of the brand was derived from the Assam Valley, where tea plants have grown with natural affinity ever since their first cultivation in 1830 by Britishers. 

The Tea Valley blends are handpicked from the most pristine tea estates in the Himalayas and Assam. It is a gift to tea lovers for a delightful cup of authentic Assam Tea.


Tea Valley Assam Tea is available in the following size and packing.

250 grams in Tin Container500 grams inTin Container
1 kg in Plastic Pouch1.25 kg in Plastic Pouch

Nutritional Info


CTC Black Tea Granules & Long Leaf, Cardamom, Masala


  • Tea Valley’s 100% Original Assam tea consists of 85% CTC tea and 15% Aromatic long tea leaves
  • The tea pack comes with a unique tin pack to retain the freshness of tea leaves during storage
  • Ideal for making tea of your choice – masala tea, ginger tea, Sulaimani tea and more
  • It is your perfect cup of Chai to delight you and your loved ones on all occasions.


  • The flavour is the perfect blend you would want for the real indian chai! 
  • It comes with beautiful and premium packaging. It comes in reusable aluminum cans.
  • The has got great fragrance
  • You will find the taste awesome and purity and consistency is assured.
  • You will not find dust tea in this best authentic Assam Tea to buy online but  only granules and leaves.


  • The rate is too much on the higher side than other Assam Tea. Initially 10% to 15% discount was there but not now.
  • And you would need a bit more amount for the tea as it contains good amount of leaves
  • Instead of providing only one variety in three tins, it would have been more value for money if three different varieties are provided to the customer in this bundled pack. May be bundled packs are not be ordered. 


Which is best Assam tea brand?

The best tea brands of Assam are
1. Manohari Gold Tea
2. HatiKhuli Tea
3. Arin Tea
4. Tupi Tea
5. Tea Burn


Summing up, we discussed in details of the top 5 best authentic Assam Tea to buy online. In coming posts, we have a lot to discuss on Assam Tea. So, be tuned and do comment for suggestions and topics.

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