5 Unique Water Hyacinth Products of Assam

Water Hyacinth is one of the worst weeds in the world. But there are many amazing uses of water hyacinth. Assam has a large area covered with this weed. So, many water hyacinth products of Assam are made.

Water Hyacinth products of Assam include handbags, purses, yoga mats and many more. Most of the products are unique and eco-friendly.

In this post, I will drive you through the unique water hyacinth products of Assam. I will explain the process involved in making water hyacinth products of Assam.

Water Hyacinth Plant

Water Hyacinth is an aquatic weed. It is native to South America. But it has traveled to the whole world. Assam is also a large area covered with water hyacinth.

They are very invasive and one of the fastest growing weeds. If you cut the stem, the new stem will regrow within 15 days.

The stem is long, spongy and bulbous. The stem can grow to even 1 meter in length. This stem is the main raw material for making water hyacinth products of Assam.

Need for Water Hyacinth Product and Water Hyacinth Craft

To make this weed useful you need to add value to this weed, you need to utilize this weed properly. Making water hyacinth products of Assam is a must to overcome the ill effects of this weed.

  • Removal of water hyacinth will help to conserve water and rejuvenate our environment. 
  • In rural areas particularly the women folk will get a medium for sustainable livelihood .
  • The water hyacinth is free and abundant in nature
  • The consumer will get eco-friendly products.
  • The women in the rural areas will be empowered and earn a livelihood.

Process of Making Water Hyacinth Products

The stem of the water hyacinth is cut and properly washed. It is washed and cleaned thoroughly so that no dirt is sticking to it. Nearly 20 water hyacinth stems are tied to form a bunch. 

Then they are hung on a string and left to dry in the sun. The dry process takes nearly 7-10 days. You will see the green color of the stem changes to brownish color on drying.

After the process is over, the stems are wiped with clean clothes one by one. Now the stems are flattened using a flattening machine. The stems are put inside two cylindrical rollers. 

The roller is attached to the handle and it is revolved. By this process, the dry water hyacinth stem gets flattened. But, for making some products you need not flatten the water hyacinth stem.

Now, the water hyacinth is ready for making different water hyacinth products of Assam. Knitting of the water hyacinth dry stem is done to make different handicraft products. Natural colors and dyes are added to make the products beautiful.

10 Unique Water Hyacinth Products of Assam 

This aquatic weed which was considered to be the worst weed in the world is effectively utilized. There are many amazing uses of water hyacinth you will be amazed at.

Water hyacinth is effectively utilized in Assam to make different handicraft products. These eco-friendly products give livelihood to the rural women of Assam.

Water Hyacinth Handbags

water hyacinth handbag

This is one of the most common and unique water hyacinth product of Assam. The body of the bag is made of water hyacinth and cotton. The handle too is made of water hyacinth and sometimes made of wood. The wooden handle gives an authentic look.

The Water Hyacinth handbag comes with an internal & external pocket with a nice fastening zip. The bags are durable and last long. This is an excellent add on to the wardrobe. Moreover, you can wash the bags and dry them under the sun.

Water Hyacinth Basket

uses of water hyacinth basket

Basket is one of the water hyacinth products of Assam. The fibrous tissues of the water hyacinth stem make it an ideal raw material for making baskets. The basket is strong, sturdy and very durable. You can wash it normally and dry it under the sun.

Different types of baskets are made from water hyacinth. Some of the types of basket made from it are.

  • Storage Basket
  • Laundry Basket
  • Planters or Flower Pot
  • Magazine Rack
  • Napkin Holder
  • Jewelry Box
  • Pen Stand

Some of the baskets come with a lid. Water hyacinth is knitted in a weavy fashion. This makes it strong and the natural beige color makes it a pure green product.

Water Hyacinth Mats

Water Hyacinth Products of Assanm

A flattened water hyacinth stem is ideal for making mats. The mats are woven in a weavy manner or woven with cotton yarn. The fibrous tissues of water hyacinth stems make it strong and durable for day-to-day activities. 

Water hyacinth mats can be used for many purposes. It makes a great option for family outings to beaches, picnics, general purpose, yoga, dining table, etc. Most of the water hyacinth mats are beige with natural shades. This augments its elegance as an eco-friendly craft product of Assam.

Some of the water hyacinth mats, you can buy are

  • Water Hyacinth Yoga Mats
  • Placemat made from Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth Table Lamp

Table lamp is another water hyacinth product of Assam. It is handmade by weaving water hyacinth on a bamboo frame. The lamp made from water hyacinth is strong and durable. It is a great decor piece to add to your eco-friendly products.

Water Hyacinth Hat

Hats is one of the common water hyacinth products of Assam. The hats are made by skilled craftsmen and are purely handmade. These types of hats are beige in colors but colors can be added to make it look beautiful and fancy. 

Water hyacinth hats are quite flexible. You can fold it and it will come back to its original size again. Because of its design and the natural fiber of water hyacinth it is made of.

The water hyacinths are best suited for summer. It has a wide brim and perfect protection and style for summer.

Water Hyacinth Tray

Water hyacinth Tray can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used from organizing your office stationery to transporting your picnic supplies. Office Tray and Serving Tray are some of the unique water hyacinth products of Assam.  

The frame of the tray is made of bamboo or cane of Assam. This makes the tray sturdy and durable. The chevron pattern of the weaving of water hyacinth makes it not only beautiful in design but strong in construction too. It is sturdy and durable and the natural beige color of the water hyacinth fiber brings elegance to it.


So, you have seen how the all unique water hyacinth products of Assam are adding value to the worst weed in the world. All these products are sustainable, eco-friendly, green and of zero waste. You should definitely buy these products instead of plastic products.

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