Guwahati Pin Code of all the areas of Guwahati.

Few days back I had to add Pin code to my office address to order a product. But I was not aware of the Pin Code of the area. So, I quickly googled and clicked a few sites. But, I could not find the specific pin code that area. So, to provide correct Guwahati Pin Code of all areas of Guwahati, I came up with this post.

Guwahati Pin Code is 781001. But, it is Pin Code of the Head Post Office of Assam – Meghdoot Bhawan. Guwahati Pin Code ranges from 781001 to 781039. It is based in the area where you live. 

In this post we will detail the PIN Code of Guwahati based on area. We will also provide some details of Pin Code like its meaning, history, and why it is necessary. Moreover, we will explain 6 digit PIN Code of India.

Guwahati Pin Code

I have provided the list of all Pin codes of Guwahati at the end of this post. At first we will discuss about Pin Code, its history and meaning of 6 digit Pin Code with all the details of each digit .

If you are not interested to know the above facts of Pin Code. Then, you can click below to go directly to the list of Guwahati Pin Code.

What is Pin Code?

Postal Index Number popularly known as PIN Code is the number used by Indian Post to deliver letters, parcels, money order etc. It was introduced on 15th August, 1972 by Indian Postal Department. It was first introduced by Shriram Bhikaji, then Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Communication.

Currently in India PIN Code is 6 Digit. In the USA PIN Code is known as ZIP Code. ZIP’s full form is the Zone Improvement Plan.

Full Form of PIN Code

Full form of PIN Is Postal Index Number

Pin Code Inaccurate Info by Other Websites

If you search for Guwahati Pin Code in google, you will come up with no of websites providing the details. They provide inaccurate information of Guwahati Pin Code. For example, the first site that pop ups in google ranking, shows pin code of Guwahati as 781001. But its partially wrong. It also shows all pin code starting with 781 as in Guwahati.

So, to provide the accurate Guwahati Pin Code, we have compiled a list of all the areas of Guwahati.

History of Pin Code

History of the Postal System in India dates back to 1296. From this year Horse and Foot Postal System was used during the rule of Allauddin Khilji.In 1776, during the British rule, RObert Clive set up a regular postal system. It was well organised by Warren Hasstings in 1774.

Calcutta GPO (General Post Office) became the first post office opened on 31st March, 1774. Pin Code was first introduced on 15th August, 1972 by Indian Postal Department. It was first introduced by Shriram Bhikaji, then Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Communication.

Why is pin code necessary?

PIN Code system started in India from 15th August, 1972. Before, no PIN Code was used in the Indian Postal System. Due to this several problems were faced by the people and Postal Department.

Pin code of Guwahati

Problems faced for not using PIN Code

#1. Language Barrier

There are 22 Official Languages of India. Mostly the people of India write letters in their own language. Suppose you write a letter to your friend in Delhi, You write the address in Assamese and don’t mention PIN Code. The Post Office in Delhi can’t read your address. So, the letter will remain undelivered.

But with PIN Code written in English will be recognized by everyone anywhere in India. It will be the same vice versa. To send a letter to Guwahati from anywhere in India, you have to know the Guwahati PIN Code.

#2. Sorting Problem.

In olden time, manual sorting was done in the Post Office. The head post office of Assam i.e Guwahati GPO (General Post Office)-Meghdoot Bhawan receives all the letters bound for Assam. In this Post Office letter would be sorted district wise.

Next, the district head post office would sort the letters sub post office wise and so on. At last, the concerned person receives the letter.

Think of sorting the letters without PIN Code. You have to read the full address and sort it. It was a tiresome, time consuming and inefficient process.

But with the introduction of PIN Code it became easy. Letters with Guwahati Pin Code and Tezpur Pin Code could be kept separately.

#3. Common Name of Places.

This problem was the main reason not getting letters delivered. There are common names of places in India within a state. If two places have the same name, how would you sort the letters?

Nagaon is a district in Assam as well as a semi town in Barpeta District. How would you know the difference if there was no PIN Code written?

Pin Code is unique for every place in India. A Guwahati Pin Code cannot be the same as Nagaon Pin Code. With the introduction of Pin Code, the problem of common name of place was eliminated.

#4. Time Consuming

Sorting letters and getting them delivered was a time consuming and tiresome job without Pin Code. But with Pin Code this became so easy. You don’t have to look at the address of the letter, parcels, etc. Just see the pin code and sort it. The chances of delivering letters in the correct address was increased significantly.

#5. Incorrect Address Confusion.

Most of the people write wrong addresses, not full addresses, incorrect addresses etc. Without pin code delivering letters was a tiresome job. But with the introduction of Pin Code, you don’t have to look at the address of the letter, parcels, etc. Just see the pin code and sort it. The chances of delivering letters in the correct address was increased significantly.

If you write the semi address of a friend staying in Guwahati but with correct Guwahati Pin Code. Your chance of delivering a letter increases.

6 Digit Pin Code: Meaning & Significance.

6 Digit PIN Code system was introduced in India from 15th August, 1972. From then till date 6 digit pin code is used in India. But around 2008 there was talk to introduce 8 digit pin code to delivery efficiency. But as of 2021 there is no information about it.

Pin Code is unique to each and every area of India. A Guwahati Pin Code will not be the same as Mumbai Pin Code. Each digit of the 6 digit pin code and unique meaning & Significance. Let us explain each one of them.

Pin Code Structure

The first digit indicates the zone or group of States of India, the second digit indicates sub-zone or states or sub-region of the zone. The 3rd digit indicates the district within the sub zone. The last 3 digits indicate the code of the post office in India.

There are 1,54,965 post offices in India. Each of them has a unique pin code.

There are 1,54,965 Post office in india

1st Digit:Postal Zone or Group of States

As of now there are 9 postal zones in India. A postal zone consists of two or more group of states except the 9th Zone. 

List of 9 Pin Code Zone in India

The first digit of Pin Code indicates the zone where your state is falling. Here is a list of 9 zones in India.

1st digit of PINZoneStates Covered
1 North Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Chandigarh
4WestMaharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh
3WestRajasthan, Gujarat, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli
6SouthTamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry, Lakshadweep
5SouthTelangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
2NorthUttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand
7EastWest Bengal, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Assam, Sikkim
8EastBihar, Jharkhand
9APSArmy Postal Service (APS), Field Post Office (FPO)

2nd Digit: Sub Zone/Region/State

The 2nd digit indicates the sub region within the main zone. For example, Zone 7 is the east zone and covers West Bengal, Odisha, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and 7 North Eastern States. That is 10 states are covered under Zone 7.

2nd digit indicates along with 1st digit represent a state or region. For example 78 indicates Assam, 70 to 74 indicates West Bengal.

List of 1st 2 digits Pin Code Sub Zone/region/State
1st 2 digits of PIN CodeSub Zone/Region/State
17Himachal Pradesh
18–19Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh
20–28Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand
396210Daman and Diu
396Dadra and Nagar Haveli
45–48Madhya Pradesh
51–53Andhra Pradesh
60–66Tamil Nadu
70–74West Bengal
744Andaman and Nicobar Islands
790–792Arunachal Pradesh
80–85Bihar, Jharkhand
90–99Army Postal Service

3rd Digit: Sorting District

The 3rd digit in Pin Code indicates the district where the post office is located. So, the first 3 digits of Pin Code represent a specific geographical area called Sorting district.

 The headquarter of the sorting district is generally situated at the main post office of the largest city in the region or district. A state may have more than one sorting district depending on the volume of mail handled.

4th, 5th and 6th digit of Pin Code: Post Office Number

The last 3 digits of the Pin Code represents the post office number of the particular district or region.

For Example 001 represents Guwahati GPO- Meghdoot Bhawan, 003 indicates Silphukhari Post Office.

Facts of Pin Code of India

  • Pin Code was first introduced on 15th August, 1972.
  • Indian Post uses 6 digit Pin Code.
  • Each Pin Code is unique and only maps to a single Post Office in India.
  • There are 1,54,965 unique Pin Codes in India.

Use of PIN Code in the 21st century.

use of pin code in India
  • Delivering Letters, Parcels, Money Order by Indian Post
  • Delivery of Parcel by Courier Service
  • Delivery of Goods by E-Commerce Platform.
  • Finding Nearest COVID Vaccination Center in Co-Win Portal.
  • Postal Vote

List of Guwahati Pin Code of all the areas of Guwahati

Pin CodeLocation In Guwahati
781001Guwahati GPO
781001Fancy Bazar
781001AT Road
781001Guwahati Railway Station
781003Chanmari( Part)
781003Guwhati Club
781003Pub Sarania
781003Rajgarh Road
781005Tarun Nagar
781005GS Road (Bhangagarh to Ganeshguri)
781006Assam Sachivalaya/ Janata Bhawan
781006Mathuranagar upto Beltola Bazar
781006DPI Office
781006Hengrabari (Part Only)
781006G.S Road (Ganeshguri to Rukminigaon)
781007South Sarania
781007Rajgarh Road (Part Only)
781007G.S Road (Ulubari to Bangagarh)
781007Nehru Stadium
781007Lachit Nagar
781007B K Kakti Road (Lachit Nagar to Ulubari Basti)
781007Apsara Cinema Hall (West Side)
781008Paltan Bazar
781008Nepali Mandir to Sarabhati
781009Guwahati Nursery (Lower Kamakhya)
781009Kamakhya Gate
781011Maligaon Railway HQ
781013Assam Engineering College
781013APRO Jalukbari
781014Guwhati University
781014Dharapur Chairali
781014Govt Ayurvedic COllege Area
781015Guwhati Airport
781015Guwhati Airport to Kahikuchi Farm
781016Gopinath Nagar
781018Binova Nagar
781018Kalapahar upto 4th Batallion
781020Guwahati Refinary Area
781020Narengi (Part Only)
781021Chandmari (Part Only)
781021RGB Road (Chandmari to Narengi Tinali)
781022Dwaraka Nagar
781022Rukmini Gaon
781022Six Mile
781022Jawahar Nagar
781024Zoo Road
781024RGB Road (Ganeshguri to Narengi Tinali Zoo Area)
781025Amabari Fatasil
781028Basistha (part)
781029Basistha (part)
781030North Guwahati
781032Guwahati Medical Collge & Hospital Area
781033Hengarabari Area
781038Notboma (Housefeed)
781039IIT, Guwhati


We have provided the list of Guwahati Pin Code of all the areas of Guwahati. If your area is still missing, please fell free to comment. I will add it to the list.

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