Best Assamese Gamosa to buy Online in 2021

Gamocha is the cultural symbol of Assam. It is a symbol of respect and an honorary piece of cloth. Gamosa is a white piece of cotton cloth with a red color design on its sides. It is often the size of a small towel.  Due to its cultural significance, it is in great demand. Now you can own one by ordering Assamese Gamosa Online. 

The best Assamese Gamosa online is Epic Store Assamese Gamosa. But, there are other Gamosa better in design and size. I will discuss in detail the top Assamese Gomosa available online. It’s your choice you can buy any one of them.

Origin of the Name Gamosa

Gamosa is combination two different Assamese word – Ga + Mosa

Ga- Body

Mosa- To wipe

It’s meaning comes out to be a cloth to wipe the body. It is equivalent to a towel used for wiping our bodies. But, Gamosa means a lot more than that in Assamese society.

It is also believed to be derived from the word ‘Gaamasa’ where gamma means chaddar in Kamrupi. It’s meaning comes out to be a cloth to cover Bhagwad Puran at the altar.

History of Gamosa

The origin of Gamosa is unknown to historians. It has Thailand influence, where people use clothes like Gamosa. There is no trace of cloth-like Gamosa in any other parts of India. So, it is believed it originated in Assam. It is considered that Ahom introduced Gomosa in Assam

Use of Gamosa

  • It is commonly used to facilitate people, elder one and accomplished members of society. 
  • Gamucha is also used as a gifting purpose during festivals. It shows expressions of love and friendship. It is called Bihuwaan.
  • It is used as a towel to wipe our face and body.
  • It is used as a waistcloth or a loincloth.
  • Gamucha is used in Bihu. A Bihu dancer wraps it around his head.
  • It is hung around the neck as a scarf. It signifies social status or respect.
  • Gamosa is also used for decorating altars and covering religious books.

Gamosa Fabric

The fabric used in making Gamosa is generally pure cotton. But for rituals and occasions, expensive Gamosa made of Pat Silk or Muga Silk. Assamese Gamosa available online sometimes is made of polycotton.

You will two types of fabric for making Gamocha found in Assamese Gamocha online.

  • Cotton
  • Polycotton.

Assamese Gamosa Design

Assamese Gamosa has a unique design than other towels available in India. A gamosa can be easily distinguished by its design. Let us discuss its design in detail.


Assamese Gamosa available online come in different shapes. The standard size is 48 inches x 24 inches. But you can find larger sizes also.


Assamese Gamosa is white in color with the design is woven it is of red color. Though sometimes its available in green, coffee brown and other colors are also used for ornamentation.

The body of Assamese Gamosa available online is always white, with side borders mostly in red. The red color in Gamosa resembles purity, strength and love.


Assamese Gamosa comes in various design. There is a hard and fat rule of the design that is to be embroidered in it. Traces of brilliant artistic talent of th weaver is seen in it.

Depending on the purpose for which Gamosa is to be prepared, its size, shape and design vary. And also design of the motif may vary from each other.

Some of the Assamese Gamosa found online, have a unique and beautiful design. For example, Assamese Bhakti Gosain Gamosa  Assamese scripts are uniformly woven in the body of the Gamosa. You can also find Sanko design as well as pictures of Japi, plants and butterflies embroidered in it.

Assamese Gamosa Price

You can an Assamese Gamosa in Assam for as low as ₹ 100 (~ $1.5 ) for a simple design. But if you need designable Assamese Gamosa, it will range from ₹ 500 (~$7) to ₹ 1500 ($20). Pat and Muga Gamosa is even more costiler.

You will find Assamese Gamosa online ranging from ₹ 300 (~$4) to ₹ 1000 ($13).

Best Assamese Gamosa to buy Online in 2021

If you are in Assam, you will find Gamosa in each and every shop to buy. But, outside Assam, it will be very difficult to buy one. But don’t worry, thanks to e-commerce sites. You can get one in the comfort of your home.

We have curated a list of the best Assamese Gamosa you can buy online in 2021. Just relax and order one from the list.

#1. Epic Store Assamese Gamosa

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Fabric: CottonSize: 67 inch X 25 inch
Return & Exchange Features: 30 DaysHand/Machine Made: Hand Made

Epic Store has a large collection of Assamese Gamosa to buy online. All the Assamese Gamosa available are handwoven. The fabric used is high quality cotton. 

Both sides of the gamosa are adorned with red colored Jaapi and Dhol motifs. Embroidery is done on both sides of the Gamosa. To add to its elegance there are highlights of ‘Guna’ (Golden Thread).

Features of Epic Store Assamese Gamosa

  • Material of this Gamosais Cotton
  • Assam Handloom Product and it is Hand Woven Gamosa
  • It is premium quality Gamosa and come in pack Of 2
  • Red color wool on white fabric is used in this Gamosa
  • Patten on both side
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash


  • 100 % Hand Women
  • It is made of High Quality Cotton


  • Some customer complained that the golden thread was coming out

#2. Assamese Bhakti Gosain Gamosa 

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Fabric: CottonSize: 41 inch X 19 inch
Return & Exchange Features: 30 DaysHand/Machine Made: Hand Made

Assamese Bhakti Gosain Gamosa is the best Assamese Gamosa available online for use in temples. The main feature that differs in this Assamese Gamosa online from other Gamosa is the use of scripts in the Gamosa.

The scripts like Ramkrishna, Hare Krishna, Sri SriGovinda, Sitaram, Bhagavata are woven in Assamese scripts uniformly in the body or in the two end borders of the gamosa. Sometimes lines or phrases of holy ‘Bhagavata’ or ‘Kirtan Dasam’ are woven in this gamosa. 

This Gamosa is white in color with side borders in red. It is simply woven in stripes and the end borders are woven also in red color. Moreover,  it has beautiful woven motifs. 


  • Hand Woven Gamosa
  • Cotton Assamese Gamosa
  • Assamese Gohain Gamosa online.
  • Uniform scripts of Ramkrishna, Hare krishna, Sri SriGovinda, Sitaram, Bhagavata
  • Premium Quality , Pack Of 1
  • Used Red wool , White Colour Gamusa
  • Patten On Both Side
  • Care Instructions: Hand  Wash


  • It is only the Assamese Gamosa available online to be used in temple or Namghar
  • 100% cotton
  • Whole body is embroidered.


  • Smaller in size than other Assamese Gamocha Online but as it is to be used in temple, the size is ok.

#3. Chattri Wala Assamese Gamosa

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B088FZ33XF&Format= SL480 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=guwahatilive 21&language=en INir?t=guwahatilive 21&language=en IN&l=li2&o=31&a=B088FZ33XF
Fabric: CottonSize: 45 inch X 19 inch
Return & Exchange Features: 10 DaysHand/Machine Made: Hand Made

Chattri Wala Assamese Gamosa has a unique design and the fabric is comfortable. It is made with premium quality cotton and woven in Assam. It is Assam Handloom Product

This Gamosa has embroidery on both ends and sides of it. It also has long strips of embroidery longitudinally. This Gamosa is white in color with red color embroidery woven in it. This Assamese Gamosa comes in packs of 2.


  • Material – Cotton , Pack Of 2
  • Tradition Of Assam
  • Premium Quality
  • Used red wool
  • White Colour Gomusa


  • The product is original.
  • It is highly recommended by the customer
  • Assam Handloom product
  • 100% Cotton


  • It is more expensive than other Assamese Gamosa Online, if you consider its size.

#4. Assamese Gamosa Sanko Design

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Fabric: CottonSize: 48 inch X 22 inch
Return & Exchange Features: 30 DaysHand/Machine Made: Machine Made

This Sanko Design Assamese Gamosa Online is very soft and made of cotton. This Assamese Gamosa design is unique. On all four sides, you will find stripes of red woven fabric. 

Longitudinally, there are 3 strips of red color cotton and that too on both sides. Horizontally, in the end, there are two strips of red cotton. Above it, there are 4 Sanko embroidered with red wool.

It is a long-lasting gamosa and best for daily use. Moreover, it is easy to wash. You can use this gamosa as a bath towel


  • Material – Poly Cotton , Pack Of 2
  • Colour – Red & White
  • Size & Quality – large & Good Quality Gamcha
  • Design – Sankho Design Assamese Gamcha
  • Best Gamcha For Daily Use. Easy to wash


  • It is made of cotton 
  • This Gamosa is soft and long lasting.
  • The design is beautiful and unique


  • This Assamese Gamosa is not hand woven. 

#5. Japi Design Assam Gamosa

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B097HDX75K&Format= SL480 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=guwahatilive 21&language=en INir?t=guwahatilive 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B097HDX75K

Fabric: CottonSize: 53 inch X 24 inch
Return & Exchange Features: 30 DaysHand/Machine Made:

We have listed this Assamese Gamosa in our list due to its design. It is the best Assamese Gamosa you can buy online for gifting purposes It’s white in color with red borders. 

On the border on both sides, it is woven with very artistic embroidery. The lower end borders are beautifully ornamented with different motifs and designs. The design of Japi (Assamese hat made of bamboo), plants and flowers are embroidered in it.



  • 100% Hand Woven by Assam Indigenous Weavers.
  • It has unique design of Japi (Assamese hat made of bamboo), plant and flowers.
  • Dimension is 53” x 24 “


  • 100% Cotton Assamese Gamosa
  • Beautiful Design


  • Small in Size


To sum up, we have in detail discussed the best 5 Assamese Gamosa Online. In the beginning, we have given some basic information about Gamosa like Fabric of Gamosa, Design of Assamese Gamocha and its uses. More information will be added now and then on Assamese Gamosa available online. Stay tuned.

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