5 unique water hyacinth  products of assam

Guwahati Live

Water Hyacinth is one of the worst weeds in the world. But there are many amazing uses of water hyacinth. Assam has a large area covered with this weed. So, many water hyacinth products of Assam are made. 


Water Hyacinth Handbags

The body of the bag is made of water hyacinth and cotton. The handle too is made of water hyacinth and sometimes made of wood. The wooden handle gives an authentic look. 


Water Hyacinth Basket

The fibrous tissues of the water hyacinth stem make it an ideal raw material for making baskets. The basket is strong, sturdy and very durable. You can wash it normally and dry it under the sun. 


Water Hyacinth Mats

A flattened water hyacinth stem is ideal for making mats. The mats are woven in a weavy manner or woven with cotton yarn. The fibrous tissues of water hyacinth stems make it strong and durable for day-to-day activities.  


Water Hyacinth Table Lamp

It is handmade by weaving water hyacinth on a bamboo frame. The lamp made from water hyacinth is strong and durable. It is a great decor piece to add to your eco-friendly products. 


Water Hyacinth Tray

The frame of the tray is made of bamboo or cane of Assam. This makes the tray sturdy and durable. The chevron pattern of the weaving of water hyacinth makes it not only beautiful in design but strong in construction too.