New Cabinet Ministers from Assam  in Modi 3.0 Govt

By Zia

June 10, 2024

MODI 3.0

Narendra Modi took oath as PM for 3rd Time on June June, 2024 (Sunday)

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Coaliation Govt

PM Modi took oath along with 71 ministers of the new NDA coaliation Govt.

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71 Ministers

30 Cabinet Ministers, 36 Ministers of State (MoS) and 5 MoS (independent carge) to oath

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Assam MP

2 MP from Assam was inducted to Modi 3.0 Govt

Image: GuwahatilIve

Sarbananda Sonowal

Sarbananda Sonowal - MP from 13-Dibrugarh (Assam) was inducted in Modi 3.0 Govt

Image: NDTV

Pabitra Margherita

Pabitra Margherita MP (Rajya Sabha) is the 2nd MP from Assam to be inducted in Modi 3.0 Govt

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Cabinet Minister

Sarbananda Sonowal was inducted as one of the 30 Cabinet Minsters

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Ministers of State (MoS)

While Pabitra Margherita was inducted in Ministers of State (MoS)

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Minister of Ports

Sarbananda Sonowa was be still holding Cabinet Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways and Cabinet Minister of AYUSH

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While Pabitra Margherita portfolia ia yet to be decided.

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Kiren Rijiju 

Apart from 2 MPs,  Kiren Rijiju from Arunachal Pradesh was also inducted to Modi 3.0 Govt from North-East India

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1st Cabinet Meeting

1st Cabainet metting of Modi 3.0 Govt will be held today.

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