10 Amazing Health Benefits of  Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)

Guwahati Live


Arthritis is most common in old age that causes pain and disability in older people.  Bhut Jolokia is used to treat arthritis and is quite successful.


Capsaicin in Bhut Jolokia triggers our brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins is the natural pain killer


 The capsaicin in Bhut Jolokia represses the growth of cancer causing cells. It stops metabolic activity and kills the cancer cells.


Eating regularly Bhut Jolokia promotes reduction ion body weight and oxidation of body fat.

Gastrointestinal  Benefit

Capsaicin found in bhut jolokia helps our gastrointestinal mucosa to remain strong and intact. 

Cardiovascular Activity

All the types of compounds found in Bhut Jolokia are used to cure and prevent several heart diseases. 

Decreases Blood Sugar

Eating ghost pepper in any form lowers the blood sugar to a normal level for a diabetic patient. 

Improves Liver Function

Consuming bhut jolokia in any form improves our liver function. Studies have shown that it can even cure injury caused in our liver.   


Bhut Jolokia has carotene and antioxidants which support our immune system and help to boost metabolism and increase the body heat, fighting off cold and flu. 

Cure Skin Disease

The capsaicin found in Bhut Jolokia is said to cure skin diseases. Eating Bhut Jolokia prevents us from many skin diseases.