Amazing Facts about  Assam Silk

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Assam contributes 21% of the silk production of India. 95% of Muga Silk is produced in India.

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Muga Silk- Golden Assam Silk

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Assam is the largest and famous golden Muga Silk producer in the world.  It is an intrinsic part of the culture of the people of this land. 

Silk Heaven of India

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Sualkuchi, a small village 32 km away from Guwahati, Assam is known as the Silk Heaven of India or Manchester of Assam. The Assam Silk Industry is concentrated in Sualkuchi.  

GI Tag of Assam Silk

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Muga Silk of Assam obtained Geographical Identification (GI) Tag in 2007. It is the first item from Assam to get GI tags.   

Increase in Luster after each wash

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The luster or shine of Mulberry Silk(eri) increases after each wash. The warm clothes of Tasar silk get warmer as it ages.  

Women Employment

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In Assam Silk Industry around 77% of the workforce is women. It is a women-friendly occupation. This industry involves women for silkworm rearing, reeling & spinning and weaving.   

Seed Farm of Assam Silk

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Healthy Silkworm egg production is the primary need for a conducive growth of the entire silk industry of Assam. Moreover, a timely supply of superior quality silk is must to sustain sericulture. 

Environment Friendly & Eco-Product

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The host plant of silkworms in Assam are evergreen and add to environmental sustainability and soil protection. The pupae of silkworm is utilised as food protein, fertilizer and fish feed.