5 Delicious Traditional Assamese Dish

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Sour or Tangy Fish Curry

Masor Tenga is a popular Assamese dish. The dish is light and tangy. So, it made to the list of  5 Delicious Traditional Assamese Dish. It is mainly eaten during summer



Elephant Apple Curry

Ou Tenga is Elephant Apple. It is slightly sour in taste and full of nutrients. Delicious Assamese curry is made from Ou Tenga with fish, pork , chicken and duck.



Basic or Alkali based curry

Khar is prepared form dried peel of Bhim Kol (a type of banana).  Curry is prepared with raw papaya, bootle gourd, ash gourd, cucmber, etc using this khar . It is very delicious Assamese dish.



Smashed Boiled Vegetable

Pitika is an essential dish in every Assamese meal. To make pitika, vegetables like potato, raw papaya, raw banana is boiled and then smashed together with onion, green chili, coriander leaves, etc. It is a delicious traditional Assamese dish.



Water Snail Curry

Pani Hamuk is an exotic delicious traditional Assamese dish. Pani Hamuk means water snails. It is cooked with potatoes.  The meat of the snail is suked out of the shell of the snail.

Many cereals are made from rice like Chira, Muri, Aakhoi, Pithaguri in Assam. They are some of the traditional Assamese dishes.

Pithas are fomous Assamese delicaces. Pithas are similar to pancakes and prepared from rice flour